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Framework for ludic-therapeutic activities
Slashtime icon


View the time at locations around the world
Slimrat icon


Download files from various hosters
SLUDGE Floor Maker icon

SLUDGE Floor Maker

Edit SLUDGE floor plans
SLUDGE Project Manager icon

SLUDGE Project Manager

Manage and compile SLUDGE projects
SLUDGE Sprite Bank Editor icon

SLUDGE Sprite Bank Editor

Edit SLUDGE sprite banks
SLUDGE Translation Editor icon

SLUDGE Translation Editor

Edit SLUDGE translation files
SLUDGE Z-Buffer Maker icon

SLUDGE Z-Buffer Maker

Edit SLUDGE z-buffer files
Screen-Message icon


Displays a short text fullscreen
Smuxi icon


Chat with other people on IRC
Movie Player icon

Movie Player

Play movies and songs
Ubuntu Software Center icon

Ubuntu Software Center

Lets you choose from thousands of applications available for Ubuntu
Additional Drivers icon

Additional Drivers

Configure third-party and proprietary drivers
Solaar icon


Logitech Unifying Receiver peripherals manager
GNU Solfege icon

GNU Solfege

Ear training software
Sonata icon


An elegant GTK+ MPD client
Sound Juicer icon

Sound Juicer

Copy music from your CDs
Sound Converter icon

Sound Converter

Converts audio files into other formats
SpaceFM File Search icon

SpaceFM File Search

Search for files and folders
SpaceFM icon


Browse the file system
Spotlighter icon


Show and move a spotlight on the desktop
StackApplet icon


Launch the StackApplet indicator
Software Token (small) icon

Software Token (small)

RSA SecurID-compatible software token
Software Token icon

Software Token

RSA SecurID-compatible software token
Swami Instrument Editor icon

Swami Instrument Editor

Create, play and organize MIDI instruments and sounds
Swell Foop icon

Swell Foop

Clear the screen by removing groups of colored and shaped tiles
Sylpheed icon


E-Mail client
Synaptic Package Manager icon

Synaptic Package Manager

Install, remove and upgrade software packages
Synfig Studio icon

Synfig Studio

Create and edit 2D animations and compositions
Tali icon


Beat the odds in a poker-style dice game
Tasque icon


Easy quick task management
T.E.G. client icon

T.E.G. client

Tenes Empanadas Graciela client


Viewer for Teletext pages
Termit icon


Lightweight terminal emulator
themonospot icon


themonospot - extract information from avi or mkv files
Thunar File Manager icon

Thunar File Manager

Browse the filesystem with the file manager

Tickr - Feed Reader

GTK-based highly graphically-customizable Feed Ticker
Tic Tac Toe icon

Tic Tac Toe

Simple, fun tic tac toe game for GNOME


TI Calculators Linking Program
Tomboy Notes icon

Tomboy Notes

Take notes, link ideas, and stay organized

Arte plugin for totem

A totem plugin to watch streams from
Desktop Search icon

Desktop Search

Find what you’re looking for on this computer by name or content using Tracker

Transmission remote GUI

GUI to remotely control a Transmission daemon
Transmageddon Video Transcoder icon

Transmageddon Video Transcoder

Video format conversion tool
Transmission icon


Download and share files over BitTorrent
Transmission Remote icon

Transmission Remote

Remotely manage the Transmission BitTorrent client
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