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zEscrow icon


Backup eCryptfs configuration and mount passphrases
Zim Desktop Wiki icon

Zim Desktop Wiki

Edit text files "wiki style"
Text Editor icon

Text Editor

Edit text files
System Monitor icon

System Monitor

View current processes and monitor system state
Banner Designer icon

Banner Designer

Design the featured banners for GNOME Software
LostIRC icon


Chat on IRC-networks
Application Installer icon

Application Installer

Add, remove or update software on this computer
Network Connections icon

Network Connections

Manage and change your network connection settings
Onscreen keyboard icon

Onscreen keyboard

Onboard onscreen keyboard
Ubuntu Software icon

Ubuntu Software

Add, remove or update software on this computer
Print Queue Applet icon

Print Queue Applet

System tray icon for managing print jobs
Initial Setup icon

Initial Setup

First boot configuration
APCUPSD Monitor icon


Gtk/GUI Monitor program for (U)ninterruptible (P)ower (S)upply under the management of the package, also available at


Dock any application to the notification area/system tray.
My Web Accounts icon

My Web Accounts

myzone & status
BleachBit (as root) icon

BleachBit (as root)

Free space and maintain privacy
CD/DVD Creator icon

CD/DVD Creator

Create CDs and DVDs
Buzztrax Music Editor icon

Buzztrax Music Editor

Edit buzztrax song files


Mouse click graphing tool

Desktop Webmail Configuration

Configure handling of email in browser
Edubuntu Live Welcome icon

Edubuntu Live Welcome

A basic introduction to the Edubuntu Desktop
Dillo icon


Very small and fast GUI web browser
EBView Dictionary icon

EBView Dictionary

An EPWING CD-ROM dictionary viewer


GAppInfo example


Edit media to create movies
Freeciv modpack installer (gtk2) icon

Freeciv modpack installer (gtk2)

Download and install add-ons for Freeciv
Freeciv (gtk3) icon

Freeciv (gtk3)

Turn-based strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization
FSlint icon


File System Lint detector and cleaner
GNOME Configuration Editor icon

GNOME Configuration Editor

Directly edit your entire configuration database
Fuse (GTK+) icon

Fuse (GTK+)

Emulator of the 1980s ZX Spectrum home computer and its various clones
FreeDV icon


Digital Voice mode for HF Radio
GCrystal icon


Edit and display crystalline structures
GChemCalc icon


A simple calculator for chemistry
GChemTable icon


A Mendeleiev table of the chemical elements
GSpectrum icon


A spectrum viewer for the GNOME desktop


Choose Colors
GNU Image Manipulation Program icon

GNU Image Manipulation Program

Create images and edit photographs
gLabels Label Designer 3 icon

gLabels Label Designer 3

Create labels, business cards and media covers
Root Terminal icon

Root Terminal

Opens a terminal as the root user, using gksu to ask for the password
gladish icon


LADI Session Handler
gmrun icon


Featureful CLI-like GTK+ application launcher
Builder icon


Build software for GNOME
Characters icon


Utility application to find and insert unusual characters
Back­ground icon


Change your background image to a wallpaper or photo
Blue­tooth icon


Turn Bluetooth on and off and connect your devices
Co­lor icon


Calibrate the color of your devices, such as displays, cameras or printers

Defa­ult Applications

Configure Default Applications
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