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Application category GTK

Clocks icon


Clocks for world times, plus alarms, stopwatch and a timer
Color Profile Viewer icon

Color Profile Viewer

Inspect and compare installed color profiles
GNOME Commander icon

GNOME Commander

A two paned file manager
Sync icon


Up to date
Dictionary icon


A client program to query different dictionaries.
Disks icon


Manage Drives and Media
Books icon


Access, manage and share books
Documents icon


Access, manage and share documents
Digital TV Control Center icon

Digital TV Control Center

Schedule recordings and browse program guide
Font Viewer icon

Font Viewer

View fonts on your system
Genius Math Tool icon

Genius Math Tool

Genius Mathematical Tool and Calculator
Gmail Notifier icon

Gmail Notifier

Gmail Inbox Monitor
Gnome Gmail icon

Gnome Gmail

Integrate GMail with your desktop


Play the popular Hearts card game
Klotski icon


Slide blocks to solve the puzzle
Infrared Remote Control icon

Infrared Remote Control

Configure your remote control
Logs icon


View detailed event logs for the system
Mahjongg icon


Disassemble a pile of tiles by removing matching pairs
Maps icon


A simple maps application
Mastermind icon


Break the hidden code!
GNOME Media Player icon

GNOME Media Player

A simple media player for GNOME
Multimedia Systems Selector icon

Multimedia Systems Selector

Configure defaults for GStreamer applications
MultiWriter icon


Write an ISO file to multiple USB devices at once
Music icon


Play and organize your music collection
Network Tools icon

Network Tools

View information about your network
Nibbles icon


Guide a worm around a maze
Screen Reader icon

Screen Reader

Provide access to graphical desktop environments via synthesized speech and/or refreshable braille
Package Log icon

Package Log

View past package management tasks

Gnome Paint Drawing Editor

Create and Edit Drawings or Images
Photos icon


Organize your photos
ColorHug Backlight Utility icon

ColorHug Backlight Utility

Sample the ambient light level to control the backlight
Power Statistics icon

Power Statistics

Observe power management
Robots icon


Avoid the robots and make them crash into each other
MATE System Monitor icon

MATE System Monitor

View current processes and monitor system state
Pomodoro icon


A simple time management utility

GNOME Shell Extension Preferences

Configure GNOME Shell Extensions

GNOME Shell (wayland compositor)

Window management and application launching


Window management and application launching
Sound Recorder icon

Sound Recorder

Record sound via the microphone and play it back
Specimen Font Previewer icon

Specimen Font Previewer

Preview and compare fonts


Split and assemble files easily
Gnome Subtitles icon

Gnome Subtitles

Video subtitling for the GNOME desktop
GNOME System Monitor icon

GNOME System Monitor

View current processes and monitor system state
Taquin icon


Slide tiles to their correct places
Terminator icon


Multiple terminals in one window
Tetravex icon


Complete the puzzle by matching numbered tiles
Tweak Tool icon

Tweak Tool

Tweak advanced GNOME 3 settings
MATE Dictionary icon

MATE Dictionary

Check word definitions and spellings in an online dictionary
GNOME Desktop Utilities icon

GNOME Desktop Utilities

Dictionary, Disk Usage Analyzer, Log File Viewer, Search Tool
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