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Application category GTK

Landscape Service icon

Landscape Service

Landscape Management Service Preferences
Language Support icon

Language Support

Configure multiple and native language support on your system
LDAP Administration Tool icon

LDAP Administration Tool

Manage LDAP-based directories
LaTeXila icon


Edit LaTeX documents
Lazarus (1.4.0) icon

Lazarus (1.4.0)

Lazarus IDE (1.4.0)
Leafpad icon


Simple text editor
Light Locker Settings icon

Light Locker Settings

Configure locking your session
LightDM GTK+ Greeter settings icon

LightDM GTK+ Greeter settings

Configure LightDM GTK+ Greeter
Lights Off icon

Lights Off

Turn off all the lights
Lightspark icon


An alternative flash player
LilyTerm icon


A light and easy to use libvte based X Terminal Emulator


LINGOT Is Not a Guitar-Only Tuner
LinuxDC++ icon


A file-sharing client for the Direct Connect network
lxdm-config icon


LXDM configurator


Gtk based LianLianKan Game.
Loqui icon


IRC client
LottaNZB Usenet Downloader icon

LottaNZB Usenet Downloader

Download from the Usenet with the help of NZB files
Podcasts icon


Listen to your favorite podcasts, right from your desktop.
Lubuntu Software Center icon

Lubuntu Software Center

Lets you choose from thousands of applications available for Ubuntu
Default applications for LXSession icon

Default applications for LXSession

Change the default applications on LXDE
Shortcut Editor icon

Shortcut Editor

Create new or change existing desktop entry
Mail Notification icon

Mail Notification

Get notified when new mail arrives
Network Proxy icon

Network Proxy

Set your network proxy preferences
About Me icon

About Me

Set your personal information
Assistive Technologies icon

Assistive Technologies

Choose which accessibility features to enable when you log in
MATE Font Viewer icon

MATE Font Viewer

View fonts on your system
Corebird icon


Use Twitter from within a normal desktop application
Theme Installer icon

Theme Installer

Installs themes packages for various parts of the desktop
About MATE icon

About MATE

Learn more about MATE
MATE Color Selection icon

MATE Color Selection

Choose colors from the palette or the screen
Universal Access icon

Universal Access

Make it easier to see, hear, type, point and click
ColorHug Display Analysis icon

ColorHug Display Analysis

Sample the display over time to observe PWM, input latency and refresh artifacts
Shared Folders icon

Shared Folders

Configure which folders are available for your network neighborhood
Time and Date icon

Time and Date

Change system time, date, and timezone
MATE Terminal icon

MATE Terminal

Use the command line
MATE Tweak icon

MATE Tweak

Customize desktop, panel, and window manager settings
MATE Disk Usage Analyzer icon

MATE Disk Usage Analyzer

Check folder sizes and available disk space
Take Screenshot icon

Take Screenshot

Save images of your desktop or individual windows
MATE Search Tool icon

MATE Search Tool

Locate documents and folders on this computer by name or content
Log File Viewer icon

Log File Viewer

View or monitor system log files
Me TV icon


A digital television (DVB) viewer for GNOME
Meld icon


Compare and merge your files
Midori Private Browsing icon

Midori Private Browsing

Open a new private browsing window
Midori icon


Browse the Web
Minbar Prayer Times icon

Minbar Prayer Times

Islamic prayer times
Mirage icon


A fast GTK+ Image Viewer
Miro icon


Fully featured video and music player, podcast client, and bittorrent client
MLDonkey icon


Graphical frontend for MLDonkey
Monkey Bubble icon

Monkey Bubble

Monkey Bubble Arcade Game
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