Linux repositories inspector

Application category Settings

lxdm-config icon


LXDM configurator
Lubuntu Software Center icon

Lubuntu Software Center

Lets you choose from thousands of applications available for Ubuntu
Keyboard and Mouse icon

Keyboard and Mouse

Configure keyboard, mouse, and other input devices
Locale icon


Locale settings for LXQt


Lxkeymap application
Default applications for LXSession icon

Default applications for LXSession

Change the default applications on LXDE
Network Proxy icon

Network Proxy

Set your network proxy preferences
Mate-AccountsDialog icon


Add or remove users
About Me icon

About Me

Set your personal information
Appearance icon


Customize the look of the desktop
Assistive Technologies icon

Assistive Technologies

Choose which accessibility features to enable when you log in
Theme Installer icon

Theme Installer

Installs themes packages for various parts of the desktop
Control Center icon

Control Center

Configure MATE settings
Services icon


Configure which services will be run when the system starts
Shared Folders icon

Shared Folders

Configure which folders are available for your network neighborhood
Time and Date icon

Time and Date

Change system time, date, and timezone
MATE Tweak icon

MATE Tweak

Customize desktop, panel, and window manager settings
OpenJDK 9 Policy Tool icon

OpenJDK 9 Policy Tool

Manage OpenJDK policy files

Mozc Setup

Set up Mozc engine
MythTV Backend Setup icon

MythTV Backend Setup

Used to configure a backend
Nautilus scripts manager icon

Nautilus scripts manager

Enable or disable Nautilus scripts

Windows Wireless Drivers

Ndiswrapper driver installation tool
NTFS Configuration Tool icon

NTFS Configuration Tool

Enable/disable write support for NTFS with a simple click.

ADSL/PPPOE configuration

Configure ADSL/PPPOE
Openbox Configuration Manager icon

Openbox Configuration Manager

Tweak settings for Openbox
OpenJDK Java 8 Policy Tool icon

OpenJDK Java 8 Policy Tool

OpenJDK Java 8 Policy Tool
Pacemaker GUI icon

Pacemaker GUI

Pacemaker CRM GUI
Debian Package Search icon

Debian Package Search

Search for packages and view package information
OpenJDK 1.8.0 Policy Tool icon

OpenJDK 1.8.0 Policy Tool

Manage OpenJDK 1.8.0 policy files
PulseAudio Preferences icon

PulseAudio Preferences

View and modify the configuration of the local sound server
Desktop Preferences icon

Desktop Preferences

Change desktop wallpapers and behavior of desktop manager
Razor Appearance Configuration icon

Razor Appearance Configuration

Configure appearance of Razor desktop
Razor Shortcut Configuration icon

Razor Shortcut Configuration

Configure global shortcut of Razor desktop
Razor Mouse Configurator icon

Razor Mouse Configurator

Configure X11 mouse
Razor Freedesktop Notifications Configuration icon

Razor Freedesktop Notifications Configuration

Configure freedesktop notifications in Razor desktop
Qt Configuration icon

Qt Configuration

Configure Qt
Razor Configuration Center icon

Razor Configuration Center

Configure Razor-Qt modules
Razor Desktop Configurator icon

Razor Desktop Configurator

Configure Razor-Qt desktop module
Razor Session Configurator icon

Razor Session Configurator

Configure Razor-Qt session module
RutilT WLAN Manager icon

RutilT WLAN Manager

Manage your wireless network interfaces
SCIM Input Method icon

SCIM Input Method

Configure the Smart Common Input Method platform
Add/Remove Software icon

Add/Remove Software

Add or remove software installed on the system
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