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Leafpad icon


Simple text editor
Winetricks icon


Work around problems and install applications under Wine

jupp, the Editor which sucks less

Edit text files, programs, …
About Xfce icon

About Xfce

Information about the Xfce Desktop Environment
Lifeograph icon


Keep a private journal of your life
LightDM GTK+ Greeter settings icon

LightDM GTK+ Greeter settings

Configure LightDM GTK+ Greeter
LilyTerm icon


A light and easy to use libvte based X Terminal Emulator
Literki icon


Hacker's keyboard
Nut Nutrition Software icon

Nut Nutrition Software

Record what you eat and analyze your meals for nutrient composition
Loook icon


Search strings in ODF documents


Backup & sync your data with the power of rsync

LXDE (the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment)

Meta-package for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment
Shortcut Editor icon

Shortcut Editor

Create new or change existing desktop entry
Gloobus Preview icon

Gloobus Preview

See your files in a blink
About MATE icon

About MATE

Learn more about MATE
Chewing Editor icon

Chewing Editor

Chewing Userphrase Editor
Gyazo icon


Seriously Instant Screen-Grabbing
MATE Terminal icon

MATE Terminal

Use the command line

Yi (Emacs keymap)

View and edit files
Take Screenshot icon

Take Screenshot

Save images of your desktop or individual windows
MATE Search Tool icon

MATE Search Tool

Locate documents and folders on this computer by name or content
medit icon


Text editor

MGM System Monitor

A highly configurable, very gaudy system load meter
Minbar Prayer Times icon

Minbar Prayer Times

Islamic prayer times
Multilingual Terminal icon

Multilingual Terminal

Use Multi-Lingual Command Line
Monajat Applet for supplications icon

Monajat Applet for supplications

Monajat in system tray icon
moserial Terminal icon

moserial Terminal

A serial terminal optimized for logging and file capture
Mousepad icon


Simple Text Editor
Mplinuxman icon


Manage your MPMan portable mp3 player
ptask icon


ptask is a task management tool based on taskwarrior
NFO Viewer icon

NFO Viewer

View NFO files


Status monitor for Epson inkjet printers
Navit icon


The open source vector based navigation program with routing engine
nitrogen icon


Browse and set desktop backgrounds
nvPY icon


Cross-platform simplenote-syncing note-taking tool
Onboard icon


Flexible onscreen keyboard
Openambit icon


Open source synchronization for Suunto Ambit series
Dictionary OpenDict icon

Dictionary OpenDict

Lookup words in a local or Internet dictionary
Orage Globaltime icon

Orage Globaltime

Show clocks from different countries
ownCloud desktop sync client icon

ownCloud desktop sync client

ownCloud desktop synchronization client
Parcellite icon


Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
Pasaffe icon


Pasaffe password manager
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