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A cross-platform GUI for the Nmap Security Scanner.

Google Earth

Explore, search and discover the planet
Skype icon


Skype Internet Telephony

Lazarus (1.8.2)

Lazarus IDE (1.8.2)
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Deluxe Paint Clone

Lazarus (1.8.4)

Lazarus IDE (1.8.4) Presentation

Create and edit presentations for slideshows, meeting and Web pages. Word Processor

Create and edit text and graphics in letters, reports, documents and Web pages.


Etherwall Ethereum Wallet
Firefox-esr icon


Browse the World Wide Web

Apache NetBeans 9.0

The Smarter Way to Code
Update Manager icon

Update Manager

Show and install available updates

OpenJDK Java 11 Console

OpenJDK Java 11 Monitoring & Management Console

OpenJDK Java 11 Shell

OpenJDK Java 11 Shell
OpenJDK Java 10 Console icon

OpenJDK Java 10 Console

OpenJDK Java 10 Monitoring & Management Console
OpenJDK Java 10 Shell icon

OpenJDK Java 10 Shell

OpenJDK Java 10 Shell
Angry IP Scanner icon

Angry IP Scanner

Fast and friendly network scanner
PathFinder icon


File browser
AT-SPI Browser icon

AT-SPI Browser

Browse your Assistive Technology-enabled desktop
Debian Plymouth Manager icon

Debian Plymouth Manager

Debian Plymouth Manager

Lazarus (1.4.4)

Lazarus IDE (1.4.4)

MX-Clocky Desktop Clock

Attractive Skinnable Desktop Clock
Stunt Rally Track Editor icon

Stunt Rally Track Editor

Track editor for Stunt Rally
Stunt Rally icon

Stunt Rally

3D racing game with stunt and rally elements
Vi IMproved icon

Vi IMproved

Powerful text editor with scripting functions and macro recorder
Anthy Dictionary editor icon

Anthy Dictionary editor

Edit Anthy dictionary.


Graphical user interface for managing log4j log messages

IDLE (using Python-3.8)

Integrated Development Environment for Python (using Python-3.8)

Memory Profiler

Check a program for leaks and analyze its memory usage
Polyphone icon


Soundfont editor


A Window Maker configurator
VPN Connection Manager (NovellVPN) icon

VPN Connection Manager (NovellVPN)

Add, Remove, and Edit VPN Connections
Touchpad icon


Set your touchpad preferences
IcedTea Web Start icon

IcedTea Web Start

IcedTea Application Launcher


Personnal finances manager


Download and upload files using multiple file transfer protocols
RGB Peripheral Controller icon

RGB Peripheral Controller

Control RGB LEDs and Visualize Audio

Minecraft Launcher

Official Minecraft Launcher


Element Advanced Sequencer


Note creator for pitch-detecting karaoke games
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