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Reversi game for GNOME, supporting the Go/Game Text Protocol


An electronic strongbox
File Sharing icon

File Sharing

Launch File Sharing if enabled


An advanced shutdown utility which allows you to schedule the shutdown or the restart of your computer.


Manage SSH tunnel connections

GStreamer extra plugins

Codecs to play mp3, sid, mpeg1, mpeg2, AC-3, DVD (without encryption)


Tetrinet client for GNOME
GTimeLog Time Tracker icon

GTimeLog Time Tracker

Track and time daily activities
Gtkboard Board Games icon

Gtkboard Board Games

Play various and sundry board games

Remove orphaned packages

A graphical tool to find and remove orphaned libraries
gurlchecker icon


Graphical Web Links checker
Gnome Wave Cleaner icon

Gnome Wave Cleaner

Sound File Noise Reduction

Removable media catalog management

GWhere allows one to manage a database of your CDs and other removable media (hard disks, floppy drive, Zip drive, CD-ROM, etc...). With GWhere it's easy to browse yours CDs or to make quick search without need to insert yours CDs in the drive repeatedly.
World Clock (gworldclock) icon

World Clock (gworldclock)

See the time in other timezones


Keyboard switcher

Help Hannah's Horse

A pacman-like game
Heroes icon


Collect powerups and avoid your opponents' trails


Manage the reservations for your hotel, hostel or B&B

HPLIP Toolbox

HP Printing System Control Center
IcedTea Java Web Start icon

IcedTea Java Web Start

IcedTea Java Web Start

Icedtea Java Plugin

Icedtea Java Browser Plugin

IDLE (using Python-2.7)

Integrated Development Environment for Python (using Python-2.7)

IDLE (using Python-3.4)

Integrated Development Environment for Python (using Python-3.4)

IDLE (using Python-3.5)

Integrated Development Environment for Python (using Python-3.5)


KDE-style GUI for iRiver iFP flash players

IFRIT 3D Data Visualization

Visualize numerical simulations in 3D


Stereo LADSPA effects rack

Jargon Informatique

French computering dictionary


Calculate Fractions is fun!
jigzo icon


Photo puzzle game for children


Send and receive mail with SeaMonkey


Desktop organizer application for the Palm Pilot
Kernel Panic icon

Kernel Panic

The Kernel Panic game for the Spring engine. A fast-paced RTS with no economy.
Keyboardcast icon


Send keys to multiple windows simultaneously Impress icon Impress

Create and edit presentations for slideshows, meeting and Web pages by using Impress.


Edit DV video

Kubuntu restricted extras

Commonly used applications with restricted copyright for kubuntu (mp3, avi, mpeg, TrueType, Java, Flash)
Lazarus (1.4.0) icon

Lazarus (1.4.0)

Lazarus IDE (1.4.0)
Lekhonee Gnome icon

Lekhonee Gnome

A Wordpress blog client


City simulation game
Literki icon


Hacker's keyboard


LiveJournal Client

Panel Manager

Manage panel configuration

LXDE (the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment)

Meta-package for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment
Chemtool icon


The molecules drawing program (2D)
Session Logout Dialog icon

Session Logout Dialog

Prompt the user to log out of their session
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