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Application category Calculator


A Scientific Calculator
Genius Math Tool icon

Genius Math Tool

Genius Mathematical Tool and Calculator

Grpn Calculator

A reverse polish notation calculator
SpeedCrunch icon


A high-precision scientific calculator
Quickcal Calculator icon

Quickcal Calculator

Fast and Easy to use Calculator with support for Filing


simulation of the ancient calculator (plain X version)


simulation of the ancient calculator (Motif version)

GNUstep Calculator

Example calculator for GNUstep
KCalc icon


Calculator which offers many mathematical functions, such as trigonometric functions, logic operations, and statistical calculations
Qalculate! (GTK) icon

Qalculate! (GTK)

Powerful and easy to use calculator
MATE Calculator icon

MATE Calculator

Perform arithmetic, scientific or financial calculations

Taiwan Invoice ReCalculator

Perform Taiwan Invoice Reverse Calculation

Taiwan Invoice Calculator

Perform Taiwan Invoice Calculation
FOX Calculator icon

FOX Calculator

Simple desktop calculator
Galculator icon


Perform simple and scientific calculations
Liri Calculator icon

Liri Calculator

Perform arithmetic and scientific calculations

Kalkulon Programmer's Calculator

Programmable Calculator for Programmers


Do maths like a normal person
Calculator icon


Perform arithmetic, scientific or financial calculations
Zhu3D icon


OpenGL-based equation viewer and solver
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