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Main Menu icon

Main Menu

Add or remove applications from the main menu
Caja-Actions Configuration Tool icon

Caja-Actions Configuration Tool

Configure items to be added to the Caja context menus
Region & Language icon

Region & Language

Select your display language, formats, keyboard layouts and input sources
Cinnamon Menu Editor icon

Cinnamon Menu Editor

Edit the entries of the Cinnamon menu applet
CompizConfig Settings Manager icon

CompizConfig Settings Manager

Configure Compiz with CompizConfig

Desktop Notifications

Configure desktop notifications
Diagnostics icon


Report your problems


GTK+2.0 Theme Changer
Theme Configuration icon

Theme Configuration

Configure GTK theme colors
Keyboard and Mouse icon

Keyboard and Mouse

Configure keyboard, mouse, and other input devices
Guake Preferences icon

Guake Preferences

Configure your Guake sessions
Xfce Terminal Settings icon

Xfce Terminal Settings

Configure Xfce Terminal
Light Locker Settings icon

Light Locker Settings

Configure locking your session
Locale icon


Locale settings for LXQt
Default applications for LXSession icon

Default applications for LXSession

Change the default applications on LXDE
Appearance icon


Appearance Settings
Popup Notifications icon

Popup Notifications

Set your popup notification preferences
MATE Tweak icon

MATE Tweak

Customize desktop, panel, and window manager settings
Openbox Configuration Manager icon

Openbox Configuration Manager

Tweak settings for Openbox
adriconf icon


Advanced DRI Configurator
Desktop Preferences icon

Desktop Preferences

Change desktop wallpapers and behavior of desktop manager
Razor Appearance Configuration icon

Razor Appearance Configuration

Configure appearance of Razor desktop
Razor Shortcut Configuration icon

Razor Shortcut Configuration

Configure global shortcut of Razor desktop
Razor Mouse Configurator icon

Razor Mouse Configurator

Configure X11 mouse
Razor Freedesktop Notifications Configuration icon

Razor Freedesktop Notifications Configuration

Configure freedesktop notifications in Razor desktop
Qt Configuration icon

Qt Configuration

Configure Qt
Razor Configuration Center icon

Razor Configuration Center

Configure Razor-Qt modules
Razor Desktop Configurator icon

Razor Desktop Configurator

Configure Razor-Qt desktop module
Razor Session Configurator icon

Razor Session Configurator

Configure Razor-Qt session module
Passwords and Keys icon

Passwords and Keys

Manage your passwords and encryption keys
TCOS Server Configurator icon

TCOS Server Configurator

Configure TCOS server daemons and users
TCOS Standalone icon

TCOS Standalone

Configure standalone mode of TCOS
TCOS-config icon


Configure and make bootable initramfs images for thin client networks
TcosMonitor icon


Thin client network monitor
Time & Date icon

Time & Date

Change your clock and date settings
Text Entry icon

Text Entry

Change your keyboard or input method settings
Brightness & Lock icon

Brightness & Lock

Screen brightness and lock settings
Window Effects icon

Window Effects

Configure Compton window effects
Xfce Panel Switch icon

Xfce Panel Switch

Backup and restore your panel configuration
Window Manager icon

Window Manager

Window Manager Startup
Window Manager Tweaks icon

Window Manager Tweaks

Fine-tune window behaviour and effects
My Web Accounts icon

My Web Accounts

myzone & status

Desktop Webmail Configuration

Configure handling of email in browser
Back­ground icon


Change your background image to a wallpaper or photo


Control which notifications are displayed and what they show
On­line Accounts icon

On­line Accounts

Connect to your online accounts and decide what to use them for
Po­wer icon


View your battery status and change power saving settings
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