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Akonadi Console icon

Akonadi Console

Akonadi Management and Debugging Console
Alleyoop Memory Checker icon

Alleyoop Memory Checker

Find memory-management problems in your programs using the valgrind tool
Anjuta icon


Develop software in an integrated development environment

Apitrace Retracer

Play back and inspect traces generated by apitrace
Arduino IDE icon

Arduino IDE

Open-source electronics prototyping platform


Create, develop and visualize your ideas
BaseX XML Database icon

BaseX XML Database

Visually query and analyse your XML data


Berkeley DB Viewer
Bluefish Editor icon

Bluefish Editor

Web Development Editor
Boa Constructor icon

Boa Constructor

RAD Tool for Python and WxWindows
BOSSA icon


Program Atmel's SAM ARM microcontrollers
bpython icon


A fancy interface to the python interpreter!
Bustle icon


Draw sequence diagrams of D-Bus activity
Bazaar Explorer icon

Bazaar Explorer

GUI application for using Bazaar

Bazaar Version Control System

Easy to use distributed version control system


simulations of chemical reactions
Ninja IDE icon

Ninja IDE

A Python IDE

CLAM Prototyper

Runs an audio processing core under a QT designer interface
CLIPS icon


Expert system tool
Code::Blocks IDE icon

Code::Blocks IDE

Configurable and extensible IDE
Cppcheck icon


A tool for static C/C++ code analysis
CoqIDE Proof Assistant icon

CoqIDE Proof Assistant

Graphical interface for the Coq proof assistant
D-Feet icon


Debug D-Bus applications
Data Display Debugger icon

Data Display Debugger

Graphical debugger frontend

Debian Package Viewer

Debian package file viewer
Devhelp icon


A developer tool for browsing and searching API documentation
Diffuse Merge Tool icon

Diffuse Merge Tool

Graphical tool for merging and comparing text files
 Eclipse C/C++ Debugger icon

Eclipse C/C++ Debugger

Eclipse Stand-alone C/C++ Debugger
distcc monitor icon

distcc monitor

Graphical view of distributed compile tasks


Utility to browse system documentation
DreamPie icon


An interactive Python shell
MyGUI ImageSetViewer icon

MyGUI ImageSetViewer

MyGUI ImageSetViewer
MyGUI FontViewer icon

MyGUI FontViewer

MyGUI FontViewer
Eagle icon


Design a printed circuit board.
Ecere IDE icon

Ecere IDE

Ecere IDE
Eclipse icon


Eclipse Integrated Development Environment
edb icon


edb debugger


Fast, extendable programmers' text editor
ELKI icon


Data mining algorithm development framework
GNU Emacs 24 icon

GNU Emacs 24

View and edit files
emma icon


MySQL managing assistant
Sublime Text icon

Sublime Text

Sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose
Eric python IDE icon

Eric python IDE

Integrated Development Environment for Python
Elementary Test icon

Elementary Test

Elementary Test Application
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