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Application category GNOME

AbiWord icon


Compose, edit, and view documents
Accerciser icon


Give your application an accessibility workout
Activity Log Manager icon

Activity Log Manager

Configure what gets logged in your Zeitgeist activity log
Security & Privacy icon

Security & Privacy

Privacy and Activity Manager
Agave icon


Generate color schemes
AisleRiot Solitaire icon

AisleRiot Solitaire

Play many different solitaire games
Alarm Clock icon

Alarm Clock

Wake up in the morning
Alleyoop Memory Checker icon

Alleyoop Memory Checker

Find memory-management problems in your programs using the valgrind tool
Anjuta icon


Develop software in an integrated development environment
Ardesia desktop sketchpad icon

Ardesia desktop sketchpad

Annotate on the desktop screen.
Ario icon


Client application to mpd
Arista Transcoder icon

Arista Transcoder

Convert multimedia for all your devices


A clone of the dsj game
Atomix icon


A puzzle game about atoms and molecules
AutoKey icon


Program keyboard shortcuts


Automatically rename files have them sort in given order
Fonts Tweak Tool icon

Fonts Tweak Tool

Tweak fonts by language using fontconfig
Back In Time icon

Back In Time

Simple backup system
Banshee icon


Play and organize your media collection
Disk Usage Analyzer icon

Disk Usage Analyzer

Check folder sizes and available disk space
Bibledit icon


Bible Editor

BibShelf Book Manager

Book collection management application


manage references and citations in your publications


Packs the screen with growing squares or circles, colored according to a horizontal or vertical gradient, or according to the colors of a loaded image. The objects grow until they touch, then stop. When the screen is full, they shrink away and the process restarts. Written by Jamie Zawinski; 2005.
D-Feet D-Bus Debugger icon

D-Feet D-Bus Debugger

Debug D-Bus applications
Bluefish Editor icon

Bluefish Editor

Web Development Editor
Bluetooth Manager icon

Bluetooth Manager

Blueman Bluetooth Manager
Brasero icon


Create and copy CDs and DVDs
MacSlow's Cairo-Clock icon

MacSlow's Cairo-Clock

a super fine analog clock
Calf Plugin Pack for JACK icon

Calf Plugin Pack for JACK

Process and produce sounds using a set of plugins with JACK interface
California icon


GNOME 3 Calendar
Camera Monitor icon

Camera Monitor

Camera Monitor
RapidSVN icon


Manage Subversion repositories

Wordview Microsoft doc Viewer

Microsoft doc document file viewer
Catfish File Search icon

Catfish File Search

Search the file system
CellWriter icon


Grid-entry handwriting recognition input panel


Play Go against human or computer opponents
Cheese icon


Take photos and videos with your webcam, with fun graphical effects
CherryTree icon


Hierarchical Note Taking


Chinese lunar calendar
Graphics Tablet icon

Graphics Tablet

Set button mappings and adjust stylus sensitivity for graphics tablets
Cinnamon Menu Editor icon

Cinnamon Menu Editor

Edit the entries of the Cinnamon menu applet


This session logs you into Cinnamon

Cinnamon 2D

Window management and application launching
ClamTk icon


Scan for threats...
ClassicMenu Indicator icon

ClassicMenu Indicator

Indicator applet to show the Gnome Classic main menu
ClipIt icon


Clipboard Manager
CCMX Loader icon

CCMX Loader

Modify the calibration matrices on the ColorHug device
Firmware Updater icon

Firmware Updater

Update the firmware on the ColorHug colorimeter
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