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Application category KDE

Akonadi Console icon

Akonadi Console

Akonadi Management and Debugging Console
Amarok icon


Amarok - Rediscover Your Music!
AMZ Downloader icon

AMZ Downloader

Download with AMZ Downloader
Ark icon


Work with file archives
Audex icon


Rip audio tracks from your audio CDs
AutoKey (KDE) icon

AutoKey (KDE)

Program keyboard shortcuts


Application to view dictionaries
Back In Time icon

Back In Time

Simple backup system
BasKet Note Pads icon

BasKet Note Pads

Taking care of your ideas.
Blinken icon


A memory enhancement game
BlueDevil icon


KDE Bluetooth support
BlueDevil Send File icon

BlueDevil Send File

BlueDevil Send File
BlueDevil Wizard icon

BlueDevil Wizard

BlueDevil Wizard
Calligra Author icon

Calligra Author

Write ebooks and textbooks
Plan WorkPackage Handler icon

Plan WorkPackage Handler

Work Package handler for the Plan project planning tool
Calligra Sheets icon

Calligra Sheets

Write spreadsheet documents
Calligra Stage icon

Calligra Stage

Write presentation documents
Calligra Words icon

Calligra Words

Write documents
Cantor icon


KDE Frontend to Mathematical Software
CdCat icon


Disk and data archive management tool
Browser Identification icon

Browser Identification

Configure the way Konqueror reports itself
Cirkuit icon


A program to draw circuits and diagrams
Microblog icon


Active Twitter & client
News Reader icon

News Reader

A news feed reader for touch tablets

Start LTSP-Live

Starts an LTSP server from the live CD
Eqonomize! icon


Manage your personal finances
Movie creator ffDiaporama icon

Movie creator ffDiaporama

Movie creator from photos and video clips
Filelight icon


View disk usage information
KDE Connect SMS icon

KDE Connect SMS

Text Messaging
Gwenview icon


A simple image viewer


KDE-style GUI for iRiver iFP flash players
iTALC Management Console icon

iTALC Management Console

Administrate your iTALC installation
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