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Application category MX-Setup

AMD/ATI fglrx driver installer icon

AMD/ATI fglrx driver installer

Install AMD/ATI fglrx driver from repo
Nvidia driver installer icon

Nvidia driver installer

Install proprietary nvidia driver from repo
MX Broadcom Manager icon

MX Broadcom Manager

Network configuration and troubleshooting
MX Codecs Installer icon

MX Codecs Installer

Simple install of restricted codecs
MX Compton Manager icon

MX Compton Manager

Configure and launch the Compton compositor
MX Conky icon

MX Conky

Change details of desktop system monitor
MX Default Look icon

MX Default Look

Quick changes to default look
System Keyboard icon

System Keyboard

Configure System Keyboard
System Locales icon

System Locales

Default locale for the system environment
MX Network Assistant icon

MX Network Assistant

Network configuration and troubleshooting
MX Select Sound icon

MX Select Sound

Easily select a default sound card

MX System Sounds

Configure Event & Session Sounds
MX Welcome icon

MX Welcome

Display welcome message
MX Tweak icon

MX Tweak

Assorted useful tweaks
MX-flux icon


Set up fluxbox on MX-Linux
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