Linux repositories inspector

Application category Settings

0install icon


Run or manage Zero Install programs
Security & Privacy icon

Security & Privacy

Privacy and Activity Manager
Main Menu icon

Main Menu

Add or remove applications from the main menu
APTonCD icon


Create a Installation Disc
Bluetooth Adapters icon

Bluetooth Adapters

Set Bluetooth Adapter Properties
Bluetooth Manager icon

Bluetooth Manager

Blueman Bluetooth Manager
Add Ons icon

Add Ons

Content store for Plasma Active
BootUp-Manager icon


Graphical runlevel configuration tool
Caja-Actions Configuration Tool icon

Caja-Actions Configuration Tool

Configure items to be added to the Caja context menus
File Management icon

File Management

Change the behaviour and appearance of file manager windows
Region & Language icon

Region & Language

Select your display language, formats, keyboard layouts and input sources
Chocolate Setup icon

Chocolate Setup

Setup tool for Chocolate
Color icon


Calibrate the color of your devices, such as displays, cameras or printers
Date & Time icon

Date & Time

Change the date and time, including time zone
Desklets icon


Manage your Cinnamon desklets
Preferred Applications icon

Preferred Applications

Select your default applications


Configure screen settings and layout
Language icon


Change the default system language


Control what you want to share with others
Popup Notifications icon

Popup Notifications

Set your popup notification preferences
Graphics Tablet icon

Graphics Tablet

Set button mappings and adjust stylus sensitivity for graphics tablets
Cinnamon Menu Editor icon

Cinnamon Menu Editor

Edit the entries of the Cinnamon menu applet
Applets icon


Manage Cinnamon applets
Backgrounds icon


Change your desktop's background
Effects icon


Control Cinnamon visual effects.
General icon


Miscellaneous Cinnamon preferences
Hot Corners icon

Hot Corners

Manage hotcorner settings
System Info icon

System Info

Display system information
Mouse and Touchpad icon

Mouse and Touchpad

Configure pointer device behavior and appearance
Power Management icon

Power Management

Configure power management
Screensaver icon


Change screensaver properties
Startup Applications icon

Startup Applications

Choose what applications to start when you log in
Themes icon


Manage themes to change how your desktop looks
Window Tiling icon

Window Tiling

Manage window tiling preferences
Account details icon

Account details

Change your user preferences and password
Users and Groups icon

Users and Groups

Configure the users and groups of your system
Windows icon


Set your window properties
Workspaces icon


Configure layout, names and margins
Ubuntu Studio Controls icon

Ubuntu Studio Controls

Setup Audio, Video and Graphics
CompizConfig Settings Manager icon

CompizConfig Settings Manager

Configure Compiz with CompizConfig
OpenJDK 9 Policy Tool icon

OpenJDK 9 Policy Tool

Manage OpenJDK policy files
OpenJDK Java 10 Policy Tool icon

OpenJDK Java 10 Policy Tool

OpenJDK Java 10 Policy Tool


configuration applet for the Direct Rendering Infrastructure
3D Acceleration icon

3D Acceleration

Change 3D Acceleration options
OpenJDK 8 Policy Tool icon

OpenJDK 8 Policy Tool

Manage OpenJDK policy files
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