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Hotwire Shell icon

Hotwire Shell

Execute text commands
rxvt-unicode (256color) multi-language icon

rxvt-unicode (256color) multi-language

A VT102 emulator for the X window system
ipython 3.7 icon

ipython 3.7

Enhanced interactive Python 3.7 shell
Jupyter Qt console icon

Jupyter Qt console

Jupyter qtconsole
kitty icon


A fast, feature full, GPU based terminal emulator
Liri Terminal icon

Liri Terminal

Use the command line
ipython 3.8 icon

ipython 3.8

Enhanced interactive Python 3.8 shell
Terminus icon


A terminal with the capabilities of Guake and Terminator
Alacritty icon


A cross-platform, GPU enhanced terminal emulator


TermySequence Terminal Emulator Client
rxvt-unicode-256colors icon


An Unicode capable rxvt clone (256colors)
IPython 3 Qt console icon

IPython 3 Qt console

Enhanced interactive Python 3 qtconsole
ipython3 icon


Enhanced interactive Python 3 shell
3270 Terminal icon

3270 Terminal

IBM 3270 Terminal emulator
bpython-2.7 icon


A fancy interface to the python2 interpreter
ipython 2.7 icon

ipython 2.7

Enhanced interactive Python 2.7 shell
ipython 3.6 icon

ipython 3.6

Enhanced interactive Python 3.6 shell
bpython-3.8 icon


A fancy interface to the python3 interpreter
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