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Application category TrayIcon

BetaRadio Tuner icon

BetaRadio Tuner

An easy way to listen to internet radio of Taiwan.
Caffeine Indicator icon

Caffeine Indicator

Manually control activation of the screensaver and sleep mode
GPaste Applet icon

GPaste Applet

Tray icon to manage GPaste
Window Switch icon

Window Switch

Move running applications between networked computers
Network Configurator icon

Network Configurator

Configure and monitor your network connections

OpenPGP Applet

Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign text from and to the clipboard
PackageKit Update Applet icon

PackageKit Update Applet

PackageKit Update Applet
Clipman icon


Clipboard manager
AirTV icon


Qt GUI to start a RAOP server


Show State of Color Server
PNMixer icon


An audio mixer for the system tray
Caffeine-ng icon


Temporarily deactivate the screensaver and sleep mode
Package Update Indicator icon

Package Update Indicator

Notify about available software updates
NVIDIA Dock icon


Tray icon launcher for NVIDIA settings


A panel applet for resizing and reorientating X screens.
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