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Application category X-GNOME-PersonalSettings

Security & Privacy icon

Security & Privacy

Privacy and Activity Manager
GPaste daemon settings icon

GPaste daemon settings

Manage the GPaste daemon settings
Language Support icon

Language Support

Configure multiple and native language support on your system
Light Locker Settings icon

Light Locker Settings

Configure locking your session
Search and Indexing icon

Search and Indexing

Configure file indexing with Tracker
Text Entry icon

Text Entry

Change your keyboard or input method settings
Brightness & Lock icon

Brightness & Lock

Screen brightness and lock settings
About Myself icon

About Myself

Change personal information
Password icon


Change your login password
Back­ground icon


Change your background image to a wallpaper or photo


Control which notifications are displayed and what they show
On­line Accounts icon

On­line Accounts

Connect to your online accounts and decide what to use them for


Protect your personal information and control what others might see
Re­gion & Lan­guage icon

Re­gion & Lan­guage

Select your display language, formats, keyboard layouts and input sources
Dock icon


Ubuntu Dock Settings
Guake Preferences icon

Guake Preferences

Configure your Guake sessions
Startup Applications icon

Startup Applications

Choose what applications to start when you log in
File Indexing and Search icon

File Indexing and Search

Configure Pinot to index your files
Adobe Flash Player icon

Adobe Flash Player

Preferences for Adobe Flash Player
Kvantum Manager icon

Kvantum Manager

A simple GUI for installing, selecting and manipulating Kvantum themes
DockbarX Preference icon

DockbarX Preference

Preference dialog for DockbarX

Red Mode

Switch to Red night mode
Desktop Sharing icon

Desktop Sharing

GNOME Desktop Sharing Server
Cadence Tweaks icon

Cadence Tweaks

Audio related tweaks
Appearance icon


Appearance Settings
Typing Break icon

Typing Break

Change typing break settings


Protect your personal information and control what others might see
GPaste icon


Manage your clipboard history
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