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Application category X-GNOME-Settings-Panel

Displays icon


Choose how to use connected monitors and projectors
Bluetooth icon


Turn Bluetooth on and off and connect your devices
Landscape Service icon

Landscape Service

Landscape Management Service Preferences
Light Locker Settings icon

Light Locker Settings

Configure locking your session

Defa­ult Applications

Configure Default Applications
Ab­out icon


View information about your system

Remo­vable Media

Configure Removable Media settings
Wa­com Tab­let icon

Wa­com Tab­let

Set button mappings and adjust stylus sensitivity for graphics tablets


Control how you connect to Wi-Fi networks
Dock icon


Ubuntu Dock Settings


Manage Thunderbolt devices
Driver Manager icon

Driver Manager

Manage the drivers for your devices
Printers icon


Add printers, view printer jobs and decide how you want to print


Control what you want to share with others


Control which notifications are displayed and what they show
Applications icon


Control various application permissions and settings
Cadence Tweaks icon

Cadence Tweaks

Audio related tweaks

Default Applications

Configure Default Applications

Removable Media

Configure Removable Media settings
Language Support icon

Language Support

Configure multiple and native language support on your system
Universal Access icon

Universal Access

Make it easier to see, hear, type, point and click
Wacom Tablet icon

Wacom Tablet

Set button mappings and adjust stylus sensitivity for graphics tablets
About icon


View information about your system
Typing Break icon

Typing Break

Change typing break settings


Control what you want to share with others


Protect your personal information and control what others might see
Keyboard icon


View and change keyboard shortcuts and set your typing preferences
Background icon


Change your background image to a wallpaper or photo
Color icon


Calibrate the color of your devices, such as displays, cameras or printers
Firewall Configuration icon

Firewall Configuration

An easy way to configure your firewall
Sound icon


Change sound levels, inputs, outputs, and alert sounds
Mouse & Touchpad icon

Mouse & Touchpad

Change your mouse or touchpad sensitivity and select right or left-handed
Online Accounts icon

Online Accounts

Connect to your online accounts and decide what to use them for
Date & Time icon

Date & Time

Change the date and time, including time zone
Region & Language icon

Region & Language

Select your display language, formats, keyboard layouts and input sources


Control which applications show search results in the Activities Overview
Users icon


Add or remove users and change your password
Power icon


View your battery status and change power saving settings
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