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Application category X-SuSE-YaST-System

YaST Boot Loader icon

YaST Boot Loader

Configure the boot loader
YaST Language icon

YaST Language

Change the language and install additional languages
YaST Date and Time icon

YaST Date and Time

Control time zone, date, and system time
YaST Fonts icon

YaST Fonts

Configure system-wide fonts
YaST Systemd Journal icon

YaST Systemd Journal

Read systemd journal entries
YaST Kernel Kdump icon

YaST Kernel Kdump

Kernel Kdump Configuration Tool
YaST Network icon

YaST Network

Configure network cards, hostname and routing
YaST Services Manager icon

YaST Services Manager

Configure running services and the default target
YaST Partitioner icon

YaST Partitioner

Partition hard disks (including RAID, LVM, and encrypted file systems)
YaST Sysconfig Editor icon

YaST Sysconfig Editor

Change settings in /etc/sysconfig configuration files
YaST Kernel Settings icon

YaST Kernel Settings

Configure Low-Level System Options
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