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Application category X-XFCE

Bluetooth Adapters icon

Bluetooth Adapters

Set Bluetooth Adapter Properties

Mail Reader

Read your email
About Xfce icon

About Xfce

Information about the Xfce Desktop Environment
Light Locker Settings icon

Light Locker Settings

Configure locking your session
Terminal Emulator icon

Terminal Emulator

Use the command line
Orage Globaltime icon

Orage Globaltime

Show clocks from different countries
Orage Calendar icon

Orage Calendar

Desktop calendar
Additional Drivers icon

Additional Drivers

Configure third-party and proprietary drivers


CD and DVD burning application
Xfce Panel Switch icon

Xfce Panel Switch

Backup and restore your panel configuration
Web Browser icon

Web Browser

Browse the web
Sensor Viewer icon

Sensor Viewer

Show sensor values.
Orage preferences icon

Orage preferences

Settings for the Xfce 4 Calendar Application (Orage)

Pop art squares

A pop-art-ish grid of pulsing colors.
Application Finder icon

Application Finder

Find and launch applications installed on your system
Run Program... icon

Run Program...

Run a program
Settings Manager icon

Settings Manager

Graphical Settings Manager for Xfce 4
Audio Mixer icon

Audio Mixer

Adjust volume levels
Xfbib icon


A BibTeX editor for xfce

Floating Xfce

Bubbles the Xfce logo around the screen

Pictures folder

Display a slideshow from your Pictures folder
Panel Profiles icon

Panel Profiles

Backup and restore your panel configuration
Xfce4-Composite-Editor icon


Xfce4 Composite Options Editor
Xfce Application Finder icon

Xfce Application Finder

Find and launch applications installed on your system
File Manager icon

File Manager

Browse the file system
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