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Application category XFCE

Light Locker Settings icon

Light Locker Settings

Configure locking your session
Xfce Panel Switch icon

Xfce Panel Switch

Backup and restore your panel configuration
Login Window icon

Login Window

Configure the login window
Session and Startup icon

Session and Startup

Customize desktop startup
Power Manager icon

Power Manager

Power management daemon
Xfdashboard settings icon

Xfdashboard settings

Configure xfdashboard
Software Manager icon

Software Manager

Install new applications
Languages icon


Language settings
Driver Manager icon

Driver Manager

Manage the drivers for your devices
Desktop Settings icon

Desktop Settings

Fine-tune desktop settings
Update Manager icon

Update Manager

Show and install available updates
Workspaces icon


Configure layout, names and margins
Window Buttons icon

Window Buttons

Properties dialog box
Time Settings icon

Time Settings

A GUI for managing system date and time
Window Manager Tweaks icon

Window Manager Tweaks

Fine-tune window behaviour and effects
Xfce Terminal Settings icon

Xfce Terminal Settings

Configure Xfce Terminal
Panel Profiles icon

Panel Profiles

Backup and restore your panel configuration
MX Default Look icon

MX Default Look

Quick changes to default look
System Keyboard icon

System Keyboard

Configure System Keyboard
System Locales icon

System Locales

Default locale for the system environment
MX Time Settings icon

MX Time Settings

A GUI for managing system date and time

MX System Sounds

Configure Event & Session Sounds
MX Tools icon

MX Tools

Configuration tools for MX Linux
MX Tweak icon

MX Tweak

Assorted useful tweaks
File Manager Settings icon

File Manager Settings

Configure the Thunar file manager
Window Manager icon

Window Manager

Window Manager Startup
Desktop icon


Set desktop background and menu and icon behavior
Input Method Selector icon

Input Method Selector

Choose the input method to be used or disable the input method usage on the desktop
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