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23:22 : Package ksnip-dbgsym version 1.4.0-1mx17+1 was removed from stretch/main
23:22 : Package ksnip was updated from upstream version 1.4.0-1mx17+1 to 1.6.0-1mx17+2 in stretch/main
22:35 : Package mx-docs was updated from upstream version 20190523mx18.3 to 20190614mx18.3 in stretch/main
22:35 : Packages libkcolorpicker-dev, libkcolorpicker version 0.0.1-1mx17+1 were introduced in stretch/main
22:35 : Packages libkimageannotator, libkimageannotator-dev version 0.1.0-1mx17+1 were introduced in stretch/main
13:19 : Package usbip version 2.0+4.19.37-1~mx17+1 was removed from stretch/main
13:19 : Package usbip version 2.0+4.19.37-2~mx17+1 was reintroduced in stretch/main
13:19 : Packages linux-cpupower, linux-headers-4.19.0-5-rt-amd64, linux-source-4.19 version 4.19.37-2~mx17+1 were reintroduced in stretch/main


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