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00:46 : Packages copyq-doc, copyq-plugins, copyq were updated from upstream version 3.9.0-1~mx17+1 to 3.9.1-0.1~mx17+1 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-sar was updated from revision 1.1.2-0mx17+2 to 1.1.2-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Packages opencpn-plugin-tactics, opencpn-plugin-tactics-dbgsym were updated from revision 1.0.009-0mx17+2 to 1.0.009-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-vfkaps was updated from revision 2.1.2-0mx17+2 to 2.1.2-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-watchdog was updated from revision 2.4.0-0mx17+2 to 2.4.0-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-weatherfax was updated from revision 1.9002.0-0mx17+1 to 1.9002.0-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-weatherrouting was updated from revision 1.300.2-0mx17+2 to 1.300.2-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-s63 was updated from revision 1.14.1626-0mx17+2 to 1.14.1626-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-polar was updated from revision 1.1008.0-0mx17+2 to 1.1008.0-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-radar was updated from revision 5.0.1-0~201904011943~mx17+2 to 5.0.1-0~201904011943~mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-nmeaconverter was updated from revision 0.1.1-0mx17+2 to 0.1.1-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-objsearch was updated from revision 0.21-0~201903302049~mx17+2 to 0.21-0~201903302049~mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-ocpndebugger was updated from revision 1.4-0~201903050228~mx17+2 to 1.4-0~201903050228~mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-oesenc was updated from revision 2.5-0~201902121203~mx17+2 to 2.5-0~201902121203~mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-draw was updated from revision 1.6.4-0mx17+2 to 1.6.4-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-plots was updated from revision 2.2.4-0~mx17+2 to 2.2.4-0~mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-iacfleet was updated from revision 0.20-0~1mx17+2 to 0.20-0~1mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-launcher was updated from revision 1.2-0~201905302214~mx17+2 to 1.2-0~201905302214~mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-logbookkonni was updated from revision 1.4002.0-0mx17+2 to 1.4002.0-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-calculator was updated from revision 2.0.1-0mx17+2 to 2.0.1-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package opencpn-plugin-chartscale was updated from revision 0.2.1-0mx17+2 to 0.2.1-0mx17+3 in stretch/main
22:31 : Package grub-themes-mx was updated from upstream version 19.08.01 to 19.08.02 in stretch/main
19:36 : Package opencpn version 5.0.0-0.1~mx17+1 was removed from stretch/main
19:36 : Package opencpn version 4.8.2-0.1~mx17+1 was reintroduced in stretch/main
13:42 : Packages opencpn-plugin-squiddio, opencpn-plugin-squiddio-dbgsym were updated from revision 0.7.1-0mx17+1 to 0.7.1-0mx17+2 in stretch/main
13:42 : Packages opencpn-plugin-tidefinder, opencpn-plugin-tidefinder-dbgsym version 0.1.0-0mx17+2 were introduced in stretch/main
13:42 : Packages opencpn-plugin-statusbar, opencpn-plugin-statusbar-dbgsym were updated from revision 0.6.0-0mx17+1 to 0.6.0-0mx17+2 in stretch/main
13:42 : Packages opencpn-plugin-vdr, opencpn-plugin-vdr-dbgsym were updated from revision 0.4.1-0mx17+1 to 0.4.1-0mx17+2 in stretch/main
13:42 : Packages opencpn-plugin-sweepplot, opencpn-plugin-sweepplot-dbgsym were updated from revision 1.0.0-0mx17+1 to 1.0.0-0mx17+2 in stretch/main
13:42 : Package opencpn-plugin-vfkaps was updated from revision 2.1.2-0mx17+1 to 2.1.2-0mx17+2 in stretch/main
13:42 : Package opencpn-plugin-s63 was updated from revision 1.14.1626-0mx17+1 to 1.14.1626-0mx17+2 in stretch/main
13:42 : Package opencpn-plugin-watchdog was updated from revision 2.4.0-0mx17+1 to 2.4.0-0mx17+2 in stretch/main


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