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Mar 24 : Package libunrar5_7_5-debuginfo version 5.7.5-lp152.2.7 was removed from debug/non-oss
Mar 24 : Packages iozone-debuginfo, iozone-debugsource were updated from upstream version 3.483-lp152.2.5 to 3.488-lp152.1.1 in debug/non-oss
Mar 24 : Package libunrar5_9_1-debuginfo version 5.9.1-lp152.1.1 was introduced in debug/non-oss
Mar 24 : Packages unrar-debuginfo, unrar-debugsource were updated from upstream version 5.7.5-lp152.2.7 to 5.9.1-lp152.1.1 in debug/non-oss
Mar 24 : Package libftdi1-debuginfo version 1.4-lp152.4.2 was removed from debug/oss
Mar 24 : Package zimg-debugsource was updated from revision 2.9.3-lp152.1.1 to 2.9.3-lp152.2.1 in debug/oss
Mar 24 : Packages xfce4-screensaver-debuginfo, xfce4-screensaver-debugsource were updated from upstream version 0.1.8-lp152.1.3 to 0.1.9-lp152.1.1 in debug/oss
Mar 24 : Packages xine-ui-32bit-debuginfo, xine-ui-debuginfo, xine-ui-debugsource were updated from revision 0.99.10-lp152.4.50 to 0.99.10-lp152.4.51 in debug/oss
Mar 24 : Packages xapian-bindings-debuginfo, xapian-bindings-debugsource were updated from revision 1.4.5-lp152.3.7 to 1.4.5-lp152.3.8 in debug/oss


ComponentLast changePackagesRepository
ossMar 2439351distribution/leap/15.2/repo/oss/
non-ossMar 2441distribution/leap/15.2/repo/non-oss/
update/non-ossNov 181update/leap/15.2/non-oss/
debug/ossMar 2419884debug/distribution/leap/15.2//repo/oss/
debug/non-ossMar 2423debug/distribution/leap/15.2//repo/non-oss/
debug/update/ossMar 230debug/update/leap/15.2/oss/
debug/update/non-ossNov 180debug/update/leap/15.2/non-oss/
update/ossMar 2311update/leap/15.2/oss/
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