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GNU C compiler (cross compiler for arm64 architecture)


lto-dump - Tool for dumping LTO object files


lto-dump [-list]
[-help] lto-dump


lto-dump is a tool you can use in conjunction with GCC to dump link time optimization object files.


-list Dumps list of details of functions and variables.
-demangle Dump the demangled output.
-defined-only Dump only the defined symbols.
-print-value Dump initial values of the variables.
-name-sort Sort the symbols alphabetically.
-size-sort Sort the symbols according to size.
-reverse-sort Dump the symbols in reverse order.
-no-sort Dump the symbols in order of occurrence.
-symbol= Dump the details of specific symbol.
-objects Dump the details of LTO objects.
-type-stats Dump the statistics of tree types.
-tree-stats Dump the statistics of trees.
-gimple-stats Dump the statistics of gimple statements.
-dump-level= For deciding the optimization level of body.
-dump-body= Dump the specific gimple body.
-help Display the dump tool help.


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