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December 2019


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npm-org - Manage orgs


npm org set <orgname> <username> [developer | admin | owner]
npm org rm <orgname> <username>
npm org ls <orgname> [<username>]


Add a new developer to an org:
$ npm org set my-org @mx-smith
Add a new admin to an org (or change a developer to an admin):
$ npm org set my-org @mx-santos admin
Remove a user from an org:
$ npm org rm my-org mx-santos
List all users in an org:
$ npm org ls my-org
List all users in JSON format:
$ npm org ls my-org --json
See what role a user has in an org:
$ npm org ls my-org @mx-santos


You can use the npm org commands to manage and view users of an organization. It supports adding and removing users, changing their roles, listing them, and finding specific ones and their roles.

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