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Version 2.4.1
March 2, 2000
Aliases: double(1), graph(1), hersheydemo(1), pic2plot(1)


GNU vector and raster graphics utilities and libraries


plotutils - The GNU plotting utilities.
double - Final plotting utility.
graph - Converts table format to plot or graphic formats.
ode - Integrates ordinary differential equation(s).
plot - The plot filter.
plotfont- Displays mapping of available plot fonts.
spline - Spline interpolation of data.
tek2plot - Translates tektronix format to plot.


double [--help | options]
graph [--help | options]
ode [--help | options]
plot [--help | options]
plotfont [--help | options]
spline [--help | options]
tek2plot [--help | options]


plotutils does not have useful man pages. Documentation is available through the info system. The relevant command is "info plotutils".
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