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August 2017


utility for switching the GLX implementation


update-glx - select system GLX and NVIDIA providers


update-glx --auto <name>
update-glx --display <name>
update-glx --query <name>
update-glx --list <name>
update-glx --config <name>
update-glx --set <name>


update-glx is a wrapper around update-alternatives supporting only configuration of the ’glx’ and ’nvidia’ alternatives. After updating the alternatives, it takes care to trigger any follow-up actions that may be required to complete the switch.
It can be used to switch between the main NVIDIA driver version and the legacy drivers (eg: the 304 series, the 340 series, etc).
For users with Optimus-type laptops it can be used to enable running the discrete GPU via bumblebee.


--auto <name>
switch the master link <name> to automatic mode.
--display <name>
display information about the <name> group.
--query <name>
machine parseable version of --display <name>.
--list <name>
display all targets of the <name> group.
--config <name>
show alternatives for the <name> group and ask the user to select which one to use.
--set <name> <path>
set <path> as alternative for <name>.
<name> is the master name for this link group.
Only ’nvidia’ and ’glx’ are supported.
<path> is the location of one of the alternative target files.
(e.g. \,/usr/lib/nvidia\/)
Use ’update-glx --help’ for program usage information.


This manual page was written by Luca Boccassi <> for the Debian project.
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