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perl v5.28.1


Command line Perl Refactoring Tool


prt - Command line frontend of App::PRT


    $ prt <command> <args>
    $ prt <command> <args> <files>


prt is the command line frontend of App::PRT.


o replace_token
Replace foo token with bar.
    prt replace_token foo bar

Replace foo token with bar but target statements must have bazz token.
    prt replace_token foo bar --in-statement bazz

o rename_class
Rename Foo class to Bar class.
    prt rename_class Foo Bar

o rename_namespace
Rename Foo and Foo::* classes to Bar and Bar::* classes.
    prt rename_namespace Foo Bar

o delete_method
Delete eat method from Food class.
    prt delete_method Food eat

o move_class_method
Move method method in Class class to another_method method in AnotherClass. Class’s including packages are copied to AnotherClass.
    prt move_class_method Class#method AnotherClass#another_method

o introduce_variables
Print the variables in the source code. This command accepts input from STDIN.
    prt introduce_variables
    cat | prt introduce_variables
    pbpaste | prt introduce_variables


You can specify the target files to refactor.
    prt replace_token foo bar lib/**/**.pm t/*.t # Refactor Perl modules in lib/ and test files in t/

Without target files, App::PRT collects source codes in your project automatically. App::PRT searches cpanfile to detect project root directory. When executed in git repository, All files in the repository are used.
    prt replace_token foo bar                    # Refactor the project in current working directory


Copyright (C) hitode909.
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


hitode909 <>
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