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version 6.0
28 Jul 2019
Aliases: cuFormat(3), cuFormat(3), eglColorFormat(3), eglColorFormat(3), frameType(3), frameType(3), pArray(3), pArray(3), planeCount(3), planeCount(3), pPitch(3), pPitch(3)


NVIDIA CUDA development files


NVIDIA's GPU programming toolkit


CUeglFrame -


Data Fields

CUarray_format cuFormat
CUeglColorFormat eglColorFormat
CUeglFrameType frameType
unsigned int numChannels
unsigned int planeCount
CUarray pArray [MAX_PLANES]
void * pPitch [MAX_PLANES]

Detailed Description

CUDA EGLFrame structure Descriptor - structure defining one frame of EGL.
Each frame may contain one or more planes depending on whether the surface * is Multiplanar or not.

Field Documentation

CUarray_format CUeglFrame::cuFormat

CUDA Array Format

CUeglColorFormat CUeglFrame::eglColorFormat

CUDA EGL Color Format

CUeglFrameType CUeglFrame::frameType

Array or Pitch

unsigned int CUeglFrame::numChannels

Number of channels for the plane

CUarray CUeglFrame::pArray[MAX_PLANES]

Array of CUarray corresponding to each plane

unsigned int CUeglFrame::planeCount

Number of planes

void* CUeglFrame::pPitch[MAX_PLANES]

Array of Pointers corresponding to each plane


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