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VistaIO Version 1.2.14
24 April 1993


Development files for the libvistaio library


VistaIOReadObjects - read a series of objects from a stream


#include <stdio>
#include <vistaio.h>

int VistaIOReadObjects (file, repn, attributes, objects)
FILE *file; VistaIORepnKind repn; VistaIOAttrList *attributes; VistaIOPointer (*objects)[];


file Specifies the open stream from which the objects should be read.
repn Specifies the kind of objects sought.
attributes Returns a list of attributes read from the stream.
edge_sets Returns a vector of pointers to the objects read.


VistaIOReadObjects reads a Vista data file from an open stream, collects all top-level objects of the type specified by repn, and returns those objects separately from the file’s other contents. It is used by VistaIOReadImages, for example, to read and collect images by specifying VistaIOImageRepn for the repn argument.


VistaIOReadObjects returns the number of objects obtained, or 0 if an error is encountered. A vector of the objects is allocated and returned via objects. Any other objects found in the file are returned as an attribute list via attributes.


Besides the following, any of the diagnostics produced by VistaIOReadFile may be generated.
‘‘No type objects present in stream.’’ No objects of the type specified by repn were encountered in the stream.


Art Pope <>
Adaption to vistaio: Gert Wollny <>
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