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VistaIO Version 1.2.14
24 April 1993


Development files for the libvistaio library


VistaIOWriteObjects - write a series of objects to a stream


#include <stdio>
#include <vistaio.h>

VistaIOBoolean VistaIOWriteObjects (file, repn, attributes, nobjects, objects)
FILE *file; VistaIORepnKind repn; VistaIOAttrList attributes; int nobjects; VistaIOPointer objects[nobjects];


file Specifies the open stream to which the objects should be written.
repn Specifies the kind of objects to be written.
attributes Specifies a list of attributes to be written to the stream.
nobjects Specifies the number of objects to be written.
objects Specifies the objects to be written.


VistaIOWriteObjects writes a series of objects to an open stream as a Vista data file. The objects must be of the type specified by repn. Objects objects[0] through objects[nimages - 1] are written, followed by any attributes in the list attributes. The attributes argument may be NULL if only the objects are to be written.


VistaIOWriteObjects returns TRUE if successful and FALSE otherwise. In the case of an error, data written to the stream may be incomplete.


Art Pope <>
Adaption to vistaio: Gert Wollny <>
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