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version 6.0
28 Jul 2019
Aliases: devicePointer(3), devicePointer(3), hostPointer(3), hostPointer(3), isManaged(3), isManaged(3), memoryType(3), memoryType(3)


NVIDIA CUDA development files


NVIDIA's GPU programming toolkit


cudaPointerAttributes -


Data Fields

void * devicePointer
void * hostPointer
__CUDA_DEPRECATED int isManaged
__CUDA_DEPRECATED enum cudaMemoryType memoryType
enum cudaMemoryType type

Detailed Description

CUDA pointer attributes

Field Documentation

void* cudaPointerAttributes::devicePointer

The address which may be dereferenced on the current device to access the memory or NULL if no such address exists.

void* cudaPointerAttributes::hostPointer

The address which may be dereferenced on the host to access the memory or NULL if no such address exists.
CUDA doesn’t check if unregistered memory is allocated so this field may contain invalid pointer if an invalid pointer has been passed to CUDA.

__CUDA_DEPRECATED int cudaPointerAttributes::isManaged

Indicates if this pointer points to managed memory

__CUDA_DEPRECATED enum cudaMemoryType cudaPointerAttributes::memoryType

The physical location of the memory, cudaMemoryTypeHost or cudaMemoryTypeDevice. Note that managed memory can return either cudaMemoryTypeDevice or cudaMemoryTypeHost regardless of it’s physical location.

enum cudaMemoryType cudaPointerAttributes::type

The type of memory - cudaMemoryTypeUnregistered, cudaMemoryTypeHost, cudaMemoryTypeDevice or cudaMemoryTypeManaged.


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