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librmt(3) Schilling


Manual pages for librmt functions


librmt - remote magtape protocol client interface library


cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lrmt -lsocket -lnsl [ library ... ]
#include <schily/librmt.h>


Functions in this library provide an interface to a remote tape server program.
This implementation takes care of RMT protocol VERSION 1 that is needed in case that rmt client and rmt server do not run on the same OS and use a CPU with the same bit width and byte order.
In addition, this implementation supports a GNU extension that allows to use open(2) flags beyond O_RDONLY, O_WRONLY, O_RDWR.


RSH If the RSH environment is present, the remote connection will not be created via rcmd(3) but by calling the program pointed to by RSH. Use e.g. RSH=/usr/bin/ssh to create a secure shell connection.
If the environment RSH is empty, then the default rcmd(3) is used even in case rmtrsh(3) has been called.
RMT If the RMT environment is present, the remote tape server will not be the program /etc/rmt but the program pointed to by RMT.
If the environment RMT is empty, then the default /etc/rmt is used even in case rmtrmt(3) has been called.
Note that the remote tape server program name will be ignored if you log in using an account that has been created with a remote tape server program as login shell.


librmt has been written in 1990 by Schilling. In 1995, support for RMT VERSION 1 has been added. librmt is still maintained by Schilling. Schilling
D-13353 Berlin
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