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patmatch(3) Schilling
12. Nov 2000


Manual pages for libschily functions


patmatch() - checks string for matches


char *patmatch(pattern, aux, string, soff, slen, alt, state)
char *pattern;
int *aux;
char *string;
int soff;
int slen;
int alt;
int state[];


patmatch() uses the pattern matching information pattern and in addition aux and alt (previously set up by a call to patcompile(3)) to check string for a match. The length of the string is slen and the starting index used for matching is soff. The string can also be terminated by a null byte.
The state array is set up and used internally by patmatch and should have at least strlen(pattern) + 1 elements.


Returns a NULL pointer if the string starting at the specified offset did not match the pattern.
Any non-NULL return is a pointer to the first character of string after the part that matches.


patcompile(3) for information on aux and alt.
And match(1) for a description ot the regular expressions.


The pattern matching functions are based on ones presented by Martin Richards in "A Compact Function for Regular Expression Pattern Matching", Software-Practice and Experience vol 9, 527-534 (1979).
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