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pvfs2tab - information about pvfs2 volumes


Any program that uses PVFS2 will consult a pvfs2tab file for information about how to convert a path name into information like which servers to contact and what files to request.
Programs will look for a pvfs2tab file in several places
The default location of the file
If there is no /etc/pvfs2tab file, then a program will look in the current directory for a file called pvfs2tab
PVFS2TAB_FILE environment variable
This environment variable overrides any system-wide or local files. Programs will look for a file located at the value of the environment variable.


The file format is similar but not identical to fstab(5), and looks like "<bmi_address>/<fs_name> <mountpoint> pvfs2 <options> 0 0" .
bmi address
Takes the form <protocol>://<hostspec> <protocol> is the name of the communications protocol used by bmi ("gm", "tcp", "ib"). <hostspec> is the name of any metadata server. This format is method-dependent. For example, a <hostspec> for the "tcp" method would look like "". Other methods may express hosts in different ways.
is the name of a PVFS file system on that server.
is the virtual mountpoint used by pvfs2 clients.
will generally be "default" for a standard set of options. Two other options are currently available. The option "flowproto=<flow_method>" can be used to specify an alternate flow protocol method. The option "encoding=<encoding>" can be used to select a per-file system wire encoding mechanism, one of "direct", "le_bfield", or "xdr".


Please report all bugs to the pvfs2 bugzilla (


The PVFS2 development team ()
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