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April 4, 2019


Okay, no unicorns. But rainbows!!


lolcat - rainbow coloring effect for text console display


lolcat [options] [files] ...


This manual page documents briefly the lolcat command.
lolcat is a program that concatenates files, or standard input, to standard output (like the generic cat), and adds rainbow coloring to it.


-p X, --spread=X
Inclination of the rainbow stripes
(character widths per line hight; high values (>1000) give almost horizonal stripes, low values (0.1) almost vertical ones; default: 3.0).
-F X, --freq=X
Frequency of the rainbow effect.
(low values around 0.0001 give almost monochromous screens; default: 0.1).
-S X, --seed=X
Initial value for the random number generator; 0 means automatic.
(default: 0).
-a, --animate
Fade every line through an animation before printing the next one.
-d X, --duration=X
Duration of the animation.
(number of steps before showing next line; default: 12)
-s X, --speed=X
Speed of the animation.
(frame rate, ie. number of steps per second; default: 20)
-i, --invert
Inverts the background and foreground colors.
-t, --truecolor
Enables 24-bit truecolor mode.
-f, --force
Force color even when stdout is not a tty.
-v, --version
Shows lolcat version.
-h, --help Shows options summary.


Typical combinations of lolcat include other programs that generate text:
Large colorful words can be written like this:
echo "KTHXBAI" | toilet | lolcat
Cows are popular, come in all colors, and tell random epigrams:
fortune | cowsay | lolcat -a


lolcat was written by Moe <>.
This manual page was originally written by chrysn <>, for the Debian project.
Very quickly revamped by Mathieu Aubin <> to include as part of official code repository.
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