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February 24, 2013


Settlers of Catan board game - console parts


Turnbased board strategy game (colonize an island)


pioneers-server-console - command-line game server for Pioneers


pioneers-server-console [ OPTIONS ]


This manual page documents briefly the pioneers-server-console command.
Pioneers is a computerized version of a well known strategy board game. The goal of the game is to colonize an island. The players play the first colonists hence the name pioneers. It uses a client/server model for networked play of between two and eight players. This program provides a console-only server that pioneers clients can connect to.


Application options

-g,--game-title game title Load the ruleset specified by game title. The title can be found in the *.game files. You need quotes for titles with spaces.
Load the ruleset in the file filename.
-p,--port port
Use port port for player connections.
-P,--players num
Start a game for num total players (including computer players).
-v,--points points
Specify the number of "victory points" required to win the game.
"Sevens rule": Specify gameplay behavior when a player rolls a seven. A value of 0 (the default) means that rolling a seven always moves the robber. A value of 1 requires the player to re-roll if a seven is rolled on the first two turns. A value of 2 means the player always re-rolls.
Choose a terrain type: 0 for the default, or 1 for random terrain.
-c,--computer-players num
Start up num computer players.
Show version information.

Metaserver options

Register with a metaserver. The metaserver to use can be overridden with the -m option. Default metaserver:
-m,--metaserver metaserver
Register this server with the metaserver at the specified address.
-n, --hostname hostname
Use this hostname instead of the hostname reported by hostname(1) .

Miscellaneous options

-x,--auto-quit Automatically exit after a player has won.
-k,--empty-timeout secs
Automatically stop the server if no one has connected after secs seconds.
-t,--tournament mins
Tournament mode: add AI players after mins minutes.
-a,--admin-port port
Listen for administrative commands on port port.
Don’t start the game immediately; wait for a command on the admin port (-a) instead.
Give players numbers according to the order they enter the game.
Enable debug messages.


The default settings of the server can be influenced with the following three environment variables:
The hostname of the metaserver when no metaserver is specified on the command-line.
The hostname of the server. If it is not set, the hostname is determined by hostname(1) .
The path to the game definition files. If it is not set, the default installation path will be used.


/usr/share/games/pioneers/*.game and $XDG_DATA_HOME/pioneers/*.game
Game definitions
A list of names the computer player can use


This manual page was written by Steve Langasek <>, and updated by Roland Clobus <>. Pioneers was written by Dave Cole <>, Andy Heroff <>, and Roman Hodek <>, with contributions from many other developers on the Internet; see the AUTHORS file in the pioneers distribution for a complete list of contributing authors.
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