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groff 1.22.4
21 March 2020


GNU troff Document Formatting System


GNU troff Document Formatting System


groff_hdtbl - Heidelberger table macros for GNU roff .. ..


The hdtbl macros consist of four base and three optional macros, controlled by about twenty arguments. The syntax is simple and similar to the HTML table model and nearly as flexible: You can write sequences of tokens (macro calls with their arguments and content data), separated by blanks and beginning with a macro call, into the same line to get compact and cleanly arrranged input. An advantage of hdtbl is that the tables are constructed without calling a preprocessor; this means that groff’s full macro capabilities are available. On the other hand, table processing with hdtbl is much slower than using the tbl(1) preprocessor. A further advantage is that the HTML-like syntax of hdtbl will be easily converted to HTML; this is not implemented yet.


In this and the next section, we present examples to help users understand the basic workflow of hdtbl. First of all, you must load the hdtbl.tmac file. As with nearly all other groff macro packages, there are two possibilities to do so: Either add the line

\$*\F[]\F[\*[old-fam]] .. \$*\F[]\F[\*[old-fam]] .. ..
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