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Aug 25 2015
Aliases: linuxbrew(7)


Homebrew package manager for Linux


linuxbrew-wrapper - Wrapper of the Missing Package Manager For Linux


linuxbrew [options]
brew [options]


This wrapper package contains no linuxbrew itself, but just a wrapper script and an Homebrew/Linuxbrew upstream install script. And the wrapper script does:
* run linuxbrew if it exists at your home.
* run upstream install script if found no linuxbrew instance at your home.
In order to utilize the software installed with brew/linuxbrew, you may want to add linuxbrew directory in some environment variables:
+ PATH | for finding executable programs
e.g. | export PATH="${HOME}/.linuxbrew/bin:${PATH}"
+ MANPATH | for finding manpages
e.g. | export MANPATH="${HOME}/.linuxbrew/share/man:${MANPATH}"
+ INFOPATH | for finding info pages
e.g. | export INFOPATH="${HOME}/.linuxbrew/share/info:${INFOPATH}"


For the options of linuxbrew please see brew(1).




If you find a linuxbrew’s packaging BUG or other BUG of Homebrew/Linuxbrew itself, then it may not be BUG of Debian, because such a bug is handled by Homebrew/Linuxbrew upstream, and in fact the files triggered that (packaging) BUG are likely not provided by this Debian package. Such BUG should be reported here:
Apart from that, if you find a BUG on linuxbrew-wrapper, i.e. the troublesome file is listed in ‘dpkg -L linuxbrew-wrapper‘, then it is a Debian BUG and please report it to Debian, thanks. ;-)


This manpage was written by Zhou Mo for Debian, and may be used by others.
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