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"dm-zoned" device-mapper target manager


dmzadm - manage zoned block device format for use with the dm-zoned device mapper


dmzadm < operation > < zoned-block-device > [ options ]


dmzadm is used to format, check and repair a zoned block device used with the dm-zoned device mapper. zoned-block-device is the special file corresponding to the target zoned blocks device (e.g. /dev/sdXX). operation specifies the action to be taken for the device.
The exit code returned by dmzadm is 0 on success and 1 on failure.


dmzadm allows the following operations.
Format Write to the zoned block device dm-zoned metadata, whiping clean all data that was stored on the device.
Check Check the zoned block device metadata consistency. No repair action is taken. Errors are not corrected with this operation. For repairing incorrect metadata, the Repair operation must be used.
Repair Check the zoned block device metadata consistency and try to repair any error detected.
Help Print a short usage description of dmzadm


Options for selecting an operation are:
Format a zoned block device.
--check Check a zoned block device metadata.
Check a zoned block device metadata and attempt to repair any error found.
--help, -h
Print usage help.
General options:
--verbose, -v
Verbose output detailing actions taken.
--vverbose, -vv
Very detailed output of actions taken.
Format operation options:
Specify the number of sequential zones to be reserved for reclaim.


This version of dmzadm has been written by Damien Le Moal <> and Albert H. Chen <>



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