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06 Jul 2017


Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools


networking and traffic control tools


rdma-link - rdma link configuration


devlink [ OPTIONS ] link { COMMAND | help }
OPTIONS := { -V[ersion] | -d[etails] }
rdma link show [ DEV/PORT_INDEX ]
rdma link add NAME type TYPE netdev NETDEV
rdma link delete NAME
rdma link help


rdma link show - display rdma link attributes

DEV/PORT_INDEX - specifies the RDMA link to show. If this argument is omitted all links are listed.

rdma link add NAME type TYPE netdev NETDEV - add an rdma link for the specified type to the network device

NAME - specifies the new name of the rdma link to add
TYPE - specifies which rdma type to use. Link types:
rxe - Soft RoCE driver
siw - Soft iWARP driver
NETDEV - specifies the network device to which the link is bound

rdma link delete NAME - delete an rdma link

NAME - specifies the name of the rdma link to delete


rdma link show
Shows the state of all rdma links on the system.
rdma link show mlx5_2/1
Shows the state of specified rdma link.
rdma link add rxe_eth0 type rxe netdev eth0
Adds a RXE link named rxe_eth0 to network device eth0
rdma link del rxe_eth0
Removes RXE link rxe_eth0


Leon Romanovsky <>
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