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event-based init daemon - essential binaries


upstart-dbus-bridge - Bridge between Upstart and D-Bus


upstart-dbus-bridge [OPTIONS]...


upstart-dbus-bridge receives information about D-Bus signals and creates init(8) events for them.
With no options, monitors signals on the D-Bus system bus and emits an Upstart event called dbus via a D-Bus system bus connection to Upstart.
When run with --user, monitors signals on the users D-Bus session bus and emits Upstart events via the private D-Bus connection to the users Session Init.
See dbus-daemon(1) and for further details.


Always emit events on receipt of D-Bus signal regardless of whether jobs care about them.
Detach and run in the background.
--debug Enable debugging output.
--help Show brief usage summary.
Monitor signals on the D-Bus session bus.
Monitor signals on the D-Bus system bus.
--user User-session mode: connect to Upstart via the user session rather than over the D-Bus system bus.
Set a name for the bus to be passed as an additional argument to the event under the property BUS. Used to distinguish multiple D-Bus bridges.
Enable verbose output.


D-Bus signals emitted by Upstart itself are ignored.


Written by James Hunt <>


Copyright © 2013 Canonical Ltd.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
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