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event monitor for upstart


upstart-monitor - Display system and session Upstart events


upstart-monitor [OPTIONS]...


upstart-monitor displays Upstart system events or Upstart session events using either a command-line or graphical interface.


-d destination , --destination=destination
Specify the endpoint to connect to. Valid destinations are session-socket, session-bus, system-socket and system-bus.
--help Show brief usage summary.
-n , --no-gui
Run in command-line mode.
-s , --separator
Specify alternate field separator to use for command-line output (default is a single tab character).


o By default, upstart-monitor will attempt to start in a graphical mode unless --no-gui is specified. However, if it is unable to display a graphical interface, it will display a warning message and automatically revert to the command-line interface.
o When no command-line option (that affects the destination) is specified, upstart-monitor will attempt to connect to the Session Init (destination session-socket) and display session events. In this mode, it will display both session events and system events, assuming the upstart-event-bridge(8) is running.
If invoked with no arguments from within a non-Upstart session environment it will attempt to connect to Upstart running as process ID 1 (destination system-bus) and will only display system events.


Written by James Hunt <>


Copyright © 2013 Canonical Ltd.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
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