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Send e-mail to users over quota


Tools to manage kernel-level quotas in Linux


warnquota - send mail to users over quota


warnquota [ -ugsid ] [ -F quotaformat ] [ -q quotatab ] [ -c configfile ] [ -a adminsfile ] [ filesystem... ]


warnquota checks the disk quota for specified local filesystems (or for each local filesystem if none specified) and mails a warning message to those users who have reached their softlimit. It is typically run via cron(8).
-F, --format=quotaformat
Perform setting for specified format (ie. don’t perform format autodetection). Possible format names are: vfsold Original quota format with 16-bit UIDs / GIDs, vfsv0 Quota format with 32-bit UIDs / GIDs, 64-bit space usage, 32-bit inode usage and limits, vfsv1 Quota format with 64-bit quota limits and usage, xfs Quota on XFS filesystem.
-q, --quota-tab=quotatab
Use quotatab instead of /etc/quotatab as file with device description strings (see quotatab(5) for syntax).
-c, --config=configfile
Use configfile instead of /etc/warnquota.conf as configuration file (see warnquota.conf(5) for syntax).
-a, --admins-file=adminsfile
Use adminsfile instead of /etc/quotagrpadmins as a file with administrators of the groups (see quotagrpadmins(5) for syntax).
-u, --user
check whether users are not exceeding quotas (default).
-g, --group
check whether groups are not exceeding quotas. If group is exceeding quota a mail is sent to the user specified in /etc/quotagrpadmins.
-s, --human-readable[=units]
Try to report used space, number of used inodes and limits in more appropriate units than the default ones. Units can be also specified explicitely by an optional argument in format [ kgt ],[ kgt ] where the first character specifies space units and the second character specifies inode units.
-i, --no-autofs
ignore mountpoints mounted by automounter.
-d, --no-details
do not attach quota report in email.


aquota.user quota file at the filesystem root (version 2 quota, non-XFS filesystems)
quota.user quota file at the filesystem root (version 1 quota, non-XFS filesystems)
/etc/warnquota.conf configuration file
/etc/quotatab device description
/etc/quotagrpadmins administrators of the groups
/etc/mtab default filesystems
/etc/passwd default set of users


warnquota(8) was written by Marco van Wieringen <>, modifications by Jan Kara <>. This reference page written by Heiko Schlittermann <>, modifications by Jan Kara
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