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deb-symbols - Debians utökade informationsfil för delade bibliotek




Formatet för posterna med utökad beroendeinformation för delade bibliotek i dessa filer är:
biblioteks-sonamn huvudberoendemall
[ | alternativ-beroendemall]
[* fältnamn: fältvärde]
[ ? ]
symbol minsta-version [id för beroendemall]
The library-soname is exactly the value of the SONAME field as exported by objdump(1). A dependency-template is a dependency where #MINVER# is dynamically replaced either by a version check like \(lq(>= minimal-version)\(rq or by nothing (if an unversioned dependency is deemed sufficient).
Each exported symbol (listed as name@version, with version being \(lqBase\(rq if the library is not versioned) is associated to a minimal-version of its dependency template (the main dependency template is always used and will end up being combined with the dependency template referenced by id-of-dependency-template if present). The first alternative dependency template is numbered 1, the second one 2, etc.
Alla poster i ett bibliotek kan även innehålla några fält med metainformation. Dessa fält lagras på rader som börjar med en asterisk. De enda fält som för närvarande är giltiga är:
It indicates the name of the \(lq-dev\(rq package associated to the library and is used by dpkg-shlibdeps to make sure that the dependency generated is at least as strict as the corresponding build dependency (since dpkg 1.14.13).
It indicates what blacklist groups should be ignored, as a whitespace separated list, so that the symbols contained in those groups get included in the output file (since dpkg 1.17.6). This should only be necessary for toolchain packages providing those blacklisted symbols. The available groups are system dependent, for ELF and GNU-based systems these are aeabi and gomp.


Enkla symbolfiler libftp3 #MINVER#
DefaultNetbuf@Base 3.1-1-6
FtpAccess@Base 3.1-1-6

Avancerad symbols-fil libgl1
| libgl1-mesa-glx #MINVER#
* Build-Depends-Package: libgl1-mesa-dev
publicGlSymbol@Base 6.3-1
implementationSpecificSymbol@Base 6.5.2-7 1


Peter Krefting och Daniel Nylander.
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