Linux repositories inspector
aead_request_set_ad(9)aead_request_set_ad - set associated data information
aead_request_set_assoc(9)aead_request_set_assoc - set the associated data scatter / gather list
aead_request_set_callback(9)aead_request_set_callback - set asynchronous callback function
aead_request_set_crypt(9)aead_request_set_crypt - set data buffers
aead_request_set_tfm(9)aead_request_set_tfm - update cipher handle reference in request
aeannotate(1)aeannotate - annotated source file listing
aeb(1)aegis build - build a change
aebuffy(1)aebuffy - watch for changes
aec(1)aec - compress or expand files
aeca(1)aegis change attributes - modify the attributes of a change
aecat(1)aecat - display an aewan document
aecattr(5)aecattr - aegis change attributes file
aecd(1)aegis change directory - change directory
aecho(1)aecho - send AppleTalk Echo Protocol packets to network hosts
aechown(1)aegis change owner - set change owner
aeclean(1)aegis clEan - clean files from development directory
aeclients(1x)aemenu, aepanel, aesession, switch-desk - programs for use with aewm(1x)
aeclone(1)aegis clone - make an exact copy of a change
aecomp(1)aecomp - compare two changes
aecomplete(1)aecomplete - command completion
aecp(1)aegis copy file - copy a file into a change
aecpu(1)aegis copy file undo - reverse action of aecp
aecstate(5)aecstate - aegis change state file
aecvsserver(1)aecvsserver - serve CVS client protocol against Aegis projects
aed(1)aegis difference - find differences between a change and the baseline
aedb(1)aegis develop begin - begin development of a change
aedbu(1)aegis develop begin undo - undo the effects of aedb
aede(1)aegis develop end - complete development of a change
aede-policy(1)aede-policy - check change set is ready for aede
aedeu(1)aegis develop end undo - recall a change for further development
aediff(1)aediff - file differences between deltas
aedir(5)aedir - aegis directory structures
aedist(1)aedist - remotely distribute a change
aedn(1)aegis delta name - assign a symbolic name to a project delta
aeedit(1)aeedit - edit a change’s files
aefa(1)aegis file attributes - modify the attributes of a file
aefattr(5)aefattr - aegis file attribute file format
aefind(1)aefind - search for files in directory hierarchy
aefinish(1)aefinish - finish a change
aefp(1)aefp - calculate file fingerprint
aefstate(5)aefstate - aegis file state file
aeget(1)aeget - Aegis CGI file access
aegis(1)aegis - project change supervisor
aegis(5)aegis - meta-data file format
aegisub-3.2(1)aegisub-3.2 - advanced subtitle editor
aegstate(5)aegstate - aegis global state file
aeib(1)aegis integrate begin - begin integrating a change
aeibu(1)aegis integrate begin undo - reverse the aeib command
aeifail(1)aegis integrate fail - fail a change integration
aeimport(1)aeimport - import foreign repository into Aegis
aeintegratq(1)aeintegratq - integrate changes into projects
aeipass(1)aegis integrate pass - pass a change integration
ael(1)aegis list - list (possibly) interesting things
aelcf(1)aelcf - list change files
aelock(1)aelock - take a lock while a command runs
aelock(5)aegis locks - how locking works, and which commands use them
aelparse(8)aelparse - utility to check extensions.ael for errors
aelpf(1)aelpf - list project files
aels(1)aels - annotated directory listing
aemakeflic(1)aemakeflic - produce an animation from an aewan document
aemeasure(1)aemeasure - simple file metrics
aemetrics(5)aemetrics - metrics values file format
aemt(1)aegis make transparent - make branch file transparent
aemtu(1)aegis make transparent undo - no longer make branch file transparent
aemv(1)aegis move file - rename one or more files as part of a change
aemvu(1)aegis move file undo - undo the rename a file as part of a change
aena(1)aegis new administrator - add a new administrator to a project
aenbr(1)aegis new branch - create a new branch
aenbru(1)aegis new branch undo - remove a branch
aenc(1)aegis new change - add a new change to a project
aencu(1)aegis new change undo - remove a new change from a project
aend(1)aegis new developer - add new developers to a project
aenf(1)aegis new file - add new files to be created by a change
aenfu(1)aegis new file undo - remove new files from a change
aeni(1)aegis new integrator - add new integrators to a project
aenpa(1)aegis new project alias - create a new project alias
aenpr(1)aegis new project - create a new project
aenrls(1)aegis new release - create a new project from an old-style project.
aenrv(1)aegis new reviewer - add new reviewers to a project
aent(1)aegis new test - add a new test to a change
aentu(1)aegis new test undo - remove new tests from a change
aeolus(1)aeolus - synthesised pipe organ emulator
aepa(1)aegis project attributes - modify the attributes of a project
aepatch(1)aepatch - send and receive changes as patches
aepattr(5)aepattr - aegis project attribute file
aepconf(5)aepconf - aegis project configuration file
aephea-base(7)aephea-base - a description of Aephea base definitions The macros in this package have been ported to both html and troff.
aephea-ref(7)aephea-ref - A description of the Aephea definitions for referencing
aepromptcmd(1)aepromptcmd - change prompt color by change state
aepstate(5)aepstate - aegis project state file
aer(1)aegis report - report generator
aer(5)aer - aegis report script language definition
aera(1)aegis remove administrator - remove administrators from a project
aerb(1)aegis review begin - begin a change review
aerbu(1)aegis review begin undo - stop reviewing a change
aerd(1)aegis remove developer - remove developers from a project
aerect(1)aerect - draw a rectangle
aerevml(1)aerevml - send and receive RevML change sets
aerfail(1)aegis review fail - fail a change review
aeri(1)aegis remove integrator - remove integrators from a project
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