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acl_get_fd(3)acl_get_fd - get an ACL by file descriptor
acl_get_file(3)acl_get_file - get an ACL by filename
acl_get_perm(3)acl_get_perm - test for a permission in an ACL permission set
acl_get_permset(3)acl_get_permset - retrieve the permission set from an ACL entry
acl_get_qualifier(3)acl_get_qualifier - retrieve the qualifier from an ACL entry
acl_get_tag_type(3)acl_get_tag_type - get the tag type of an ACL entry
acl_init(3)acl_init - initialize ACL working storage
acl_mask(1)acl_mask - View or set an object’s mask for right inheritance
acl_rm_user(1)acl_rm_user - remove all groups and memberships of a user
acl_set_fd(3)acl_set_fd - set an ACL by file descriptor
acl_set_file(3)acl_set_file - set an ACL by filename
acl_set_permset(3)acl_set_permset - set the permission set in an ACL entry
acl_set_qualifier(3)acl_set_qualifier - set the qualifier of an ACL entry
acl_set_tag_type(3)acl_set_tag_type - set the tag type of an ACL entry
acl_size(3)acl_size - get the size of the external representation of an ACL
acl_to_any_text(3)acl_to_any_text - convert an ACL to text
acl_to_text(3)acl_to_text - convert an ACL to text
acl_valid(3)acl_valid - validate an ACL
acm(6)acm - an aerial combat simulator for X
acme(1)acme - Multi-platform cross assembler for 6502/6510/65816 CPU
acme-tiny(1)acme-tiny - letsencrypt tiny python client
Acme::Alien::DontPanic(3pm)Acme::Alien::DontPanic - Test Module for Alien::Base
Acme::Alien::DontPanic::ConfigData(3pm)Acme::Alien::DontPanic::ConfigData - Configuration for Acme::Alien::DontPanic
Acme::Bleach(3pm)Acme::Bleach - For really clean programs
Acme::Brainfuck(3pm)Acme::Brainfuck - Embed Brainfuck in your perl code
Acme::constant(3pm)Acme::constant - Like constant, except actually not.
Acme::Damn(3pm)Acme::Damn - ’Unbless’ Perl objects.
Acme::DWIM(3pm)Acme::DWIM - Perl’s confusing operators made easy
Acme::EyeDrops(3pm)Acme::EyeDrops - Visual Programming in Perl
Acme::Morse(3pm)Acme::Morse - Perl programming in morse code
Acme::PlayCode(3pm)Acme::PlayCode - Code transforming to avoid typical typing mistakes
Acme::PlayCode::Plugin::Averything(3pm)Acme::PlayCode::Plugin::Averything - A is Ace, All, Averything
Acme::PlayCode::Plugin::DoubleToSingle(3pm)Acme::PlayCode::Plugin::DoubleToSingle - Play code with Single and Double
Acme::PlayCode::Plugin::ExchangeCondition(3pm)Acme::PlayCode::Plugin::ExchangeCondition - Play code with exchanging condition
Acme::PlayCode::Plugin::NumberPlus(3pm)Acme::PlayCode::Plugin::NumberPlus - Play code with plus number
Acme::PlayCode::Plugin::PrintComma(3pm)Acme::PlayCode::Plugin::PrintComma - Play code with printing comma
Acme::POE::Knee(3pm)Acme::POE::Knee - Time sliced pony race using the POE kernel.
acmetool(8)acmetool - request certificates from ACME servers automatically
acminfo(8)acminfo - display the header info of a TXT ACM
acngfs(8)acngfs - Virtual file system for use with apt-cacher-ng
aconnect(1)aconnect - ALSA sequencer connection manager
aconnectgui(1)aconnectgui — FLTK based frontend for aconnect
acorn(1)acorn - parse JavaScript file
acorn-fdisk(8)acorn-fdisk - partition editor for Acorn/RISC OS machines
acos(3)acos, acosf, acosl - arc cosine function
acos(3G)acos - return the arccosine of the parameter
acos(3clc)acos,_acosh,_acospi - Arc cosine functions.
acos(3posix)acos, acosf, acosl — arc cosine functions
acos(3p)acos, acosf, acosl — arc cosine functions
acosh(3)acosh, acoshf, acoshl - inverse hyperbolic cosine function
acosh(3G)acosh - return the arc hyperbolic cosine of the parameter
acosh(3posix)acosh, acoshf, acoshl — inverse hyperbolic cosine functions
acosh(3p)acosh, acoshf, acoshl — inverse hyperbolic cosine functions
acosl(3posix)acosl — arc cosine functions
acosl(3p)acosl — arc cosine functions
acoustid-fingerprinter(1)acoustid-fingerprinter - audio fingerprint submission tool
acpi(1)acpi - Shows battery status and other ACPI information
acpi(4freebsd)acpi - Advanced Configuration and Power Management support
acpibin(1)acpibin - ACPI binary AML file utility
acpid(8)acpid - Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon
acpidump(1)acpidump - ACPI table dump utility
acpidump(8)acpidump - dump a system’s ACPI tables to an ASCII file
acpidump-acpica(1)acpidump - ACPI table dump utility
acpiexamples(1)acpiexamples - program showing what the code examples actually do
acpiexec(1)acpiexec - ACPI AML execution and debug utility
acpihelp(1)acpihelp - ACPI help utility
acpinames(1)acpinames - ACPI name space dump utility
acpisrc(1)acpisrc - ACPICA source code conversion utility
acpitail(1)acpitail - Show ACPI information in a tail-like style
acpitool(1)acpitool - a Linux ACPI client, allowing you to query or set ACPI values
acpixtract(1)acpixtract - ACPICA source code conversion utility
acpixtract-acpica(1)acpixtract - ACPICA source code conversion utility
acpi_asus(4freebsd)acpi_asus - Asus Laptop Extras
acpi_asus_wmi(4freebsd)acpi_asus_wmi - Asus Laptop WMI Extras
acpi_available(1)acpi_available - test whether ACPI subsystem is available
acpi_bus_register_driver(9)acpi_bus_register_driver - register a driver with the ACPI bus
acpi_bus_scan(9)acpi_bus_scan - Add ACPI device node objects in a given namespace scope.
acpi_bus_trim(9)acpi_bus_trim - Detach scan handlers and drivers from ACPI device objects.
acpi_bus_unregister_driver(9)acpi_bus_unregister_driver - unregisters a driver with the APIC bus
acpi_device_is_first_physical_node(9)acpi_device_is_first_physical_node - Is given dev first physical node
acpi_dma_configure(9)acpi_dma_configure - Set-up DMA configuration for the device.
acpi_dma_deconfigure(9)acpi_dma_deconfigure - Tear-down DMA configuration for the device.
acpi_dma_supported(9)acpi_dma_supported - Check DMA support for the specified device.
acpi_dock(4freebsd)acpi_dock - Laptop Docking Station device driver
acpi_fakekey(1)acpi_fakekey - acpi event wrapper
acpi_fujitsu(4freebsd)acpi_fujitsu - Fujitsu Laptop Extras
acpi_get_dma_attr(9)acpi_get_dma_attr - Check the supported DMA attr for the specified device.
acpi_hp(4freebsd)acpi_hp - ACPI extras driver for HP laptops
acpi_hpet(4freebsd)hpet - High Precision Event Timer driver
acpi_ibm(4freebsd)acpi_ibm - ACPI extras driver for IBM laptops
acpi_listen(8)acpi_listen - ACPI event listener
acpi_match_device(9)acpi_match_device - Match a struct device against a given list of ACPI IDs
acpi_of_match_device(9)acpi_of_match_device - Match device object using the \(lqcompatible\(rq property.
acpi_panasonic(4freebsd)acpi_panasonic - ACPI hotkey driver for Panasonic laptops
acpi_rapidstart(4freebsd)acpi_rapidstart - Intel rapid start technology ACPI driver
acpi_scan_drop_device(9)acpi_scan_drop_device - Drop an ACPI device object.
acpi_sony(4freebsd)acpi_sony - ACPI notebook controller driver for Sony laptops
acpi_thermal(4freebsd)acpi_thermal - ACPI thermal management subsystem
acpi_toshiba(4freebsd)acpi_toshiba - Toshiba HCI interface
acpi_video(4freebsd)acpi_video - ACPI Video Extensions driver
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