Linux repositories inspector
b2(1)Boost.Build - software build tool
b2m.xemacs21(1)b2m - This program converts a babyl mailbox to a standard unix mailbox.
b2sum(1)b2sum - compute and check BLAKE2 message digest
b43-fwcutter(1)b43-fwcutter - Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware
b5i2iso(1)b5i2iso - convert a BlindWrite image file into standard ISO image file
babel(1)babel, obabel - a converter for chemistry and molecular modeling data files
babel-config(1)babel-config - print babel configuration information
babelfish(1)babelfish - babelfish Documentation Release v0.5.5-dev BabelFish is a Python library to work with countries and languages.
babeltrace(1)babeltrace — Babeltrace Trace Viewer and Converter
babeltrace-log(1)babeltrace-log — Babeltrace Log Converter
babiloo(1)babiloo - dictionary viewer with multi-languages support
backblaze-b2(1)backblaze-b2 - B2 Command Line Tool
backdoor-factory(1)backdoor-factory - inject predefined or user-defined shellcode in binaries
backintime(1)backintime - a simple backup tool for Linux. This is the command line tool. The graphical tool is backintime-qt4.
backintime-askpass(1)backintime-askpass - a simple backup tool for Linux. This is the command line tool for piping passwords into ssh/sshfs and encfs.
backintime-config(1)config - BackInTime configuration files.
backintime-qt(1)backintime-qt - a simple backup tool.
backintime-qt4(1)backintime-qt4 - a simple backup tool.
backport-dsc(1)backport-dsc - backport Debian source packages
backportpackage(1)backportpackage - helper to test package backports
backstep(1)backstep - Backstep is a program that draws icons for minimized windows on your desktop.
backtracker(1)backtracker - Generate forward and backward flowlines and hotspot tracks
backup-checkallused(1)backup-checkallused - check chiark-backup configuration
backup-driver(1)backup-driver - entry point for cron or inittab to start backups
backup-labeltape(1)backup-labeltape - display or change tape label
backup-light(1)Backup-light - backups up the active users $HOME directory
backup-loaded(1)backup-loaded - tell the chiark-backup system what to do with a new tape
backup-takedown(1)backup-takedown - Bring some system services down for backups
backup-whatsthis(1)backup-whatsthis - read an id off a tape and display it
backupchecker(1)backupchecker - fully automated backup checker
backupninja(1)BACKUPNINJA - A lightweight, extensible meta-backup system
"a silent flower blossom death strike to lost data."
bacon(1)bacon - small RSpec clone
bacteria_tradis(1)bacteria_tradis - bio-tradis: run a TraDIS analysis
bacula-tray-monitor(1)bacula-tray-monitor - Bacula’s ’System Tray’ monitor
badtouch(1)badtouch - scriptable network authentication cracker
BaitFilter(1)BaitFilter-v1.0.6 - manual page for BaitFilter-v1.0.6
BaitFisher(1)Error: - manual page for Error: Parameter file "--version" could not be opened. I guess it does not exist.
baka-mplayer(1)baka-mplayer - A free and open source, cross-platform, libmpv based multimedia player.
bake.php(1)bake.php - generates skeleton CakePHP applications
bakefile(1)bakefile - native makefiles generator
bakefile_gen(1)bakefile_gen - batch bakefile generation
bakefilize(1)bakefilize - prepare Bakefile project for use with Autoconf
balance(1)balance 3.54 - A simple TCP proxy with load balancing and failover mechanisms.
balboa(1)balboa - BAsic Little Book Of Answers
balboa-bench(1)balboa-bench - Run a number of queries against given endpoint
balboa-help(1)balboa-help - Help about any command
balboa-makeman(1)balboa-makeman - Create man pages
balboa-query(1)balboa-query - Obtain information from pDNS about IP ranges
balboa-rocksdump(1)balboa-rocksdump - Dump information from RocksDB
balboa-serve(1)balboa-serve - Run the balboa server
bali-phy(1)bali-phy - Bayesian Alignment and Phylogeny estimation using MCMC
bali-phy-pkg(1)B]bali-phy-pkg] - Manage BAli-Phy packages
bali-subsample(1)B]bali-subsample] - Subsample lines in a file.
balls(1)balls - preprocessor for space-filling models in Raster3D molecular graphics package
ballview(1)BALLView - A free molecular modeling and molecular graphics tool
balsa(1)Balsa - the GNOME email client.
balxparse(1)balxparse - Barry Project’s program to parse firmware ALX files.
bam(1)bam - fast and flexible build system
bam-read(1)bam-read - Parse bam files after multi-mapping reads have been assigned and aggregate read mapping information by contig.
bam2bed(1)bam2bed - manual page for bam2bed 2.4.35+dfsg
bam2fastx(1)bam2fastx - tophat component converting bam directly into fastx
bam2hints(1)bam2hints - convert mRNA-to-genome alignments in BAM format into a hint file for AUGUSTUS
bam2starch(1)bam2starch - manual page for bam2starch 2.4.35+dfsg
bam2wig(1)bam2wig - convert BAM to WIG
BambooTracker(1)BambooTracker - YM2608 (OPNA) tracker
bamleftalign(1)bamleftalign - Left-aligns and merges the insertions and deletions in all alignments
bamtools(1)bamtools - toolkit for manipulating BAM (genome alignment) files
bamview(1)bamview - visualizing genome sequencing read alignment stored in BAM files
bam_pipeline(1)bam_pipeline - BAM pipeline of PALEOMIX suite
bam_rmdup_collapsed(1)bam_rmdup_collapsed - filter BAM file for PCR duplicates
Bandage(1)Bandage - Bioinformatics Application for Navigating De novo Assembly Graphs Easily
bandit(1)bandit - Security oriented static analyzer for python code
bandwidthcalc(1)bandwidthcalc - file transfer time calculator
bangarang(1)bangarang — A KDE Media Player
bangarangnepomukwriter(1)bangarangnepomukwriter - Manages Bangarang’s media metadata in the Nepomuk store
banner(1)banner - prints a short string to the console in very large letters
bannergrab(1)bannergrab - a network service banner grabbing tool
banshee(1)Banshee - Media Management and Playback application
Muinshee - Media Management and Playback application
baobab(1)Baobab - A graphical tool to analyze disk usage
bar(1)bar - show information about a data transfer
barcode(1)barcode - a standalone program to convert text strings to printed bars
bardecode(1)bardecode - barcode recognition tool of the ExactImage toolkit
barectf(1)barectf - Generate C99 code that can write native CTF packets
bareftp(1)bareftp - graphical file transfer client
bareos-tray-monitor(1)bareos-tray-monitor - Bareos’s ’System Tray’ monitor
baresip(1)baresip - portable and modular command-line SIP user-agent
bargraph(1)bargraph - compile bar graphs into pic input
barman(1)barman - Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL
barman-wal-archive(1)barman-wal-archive - C]archive_command] based on Barman’s put-wal
barman-wal-restore(1)barman-wal-restore - ‘restore_command’ based on Barman’s get-wal
barnowl(1)BarnOwl - tty-based zephyr client
barrierc(1)barrierc - Barrier Keyboard/Mouse Client
barriers(1)barriers - Barrier Keyboard/Mouse Server
barrnap(1)barrnap - rapid ribosomal RNA prediction
barrybackup(1)barrybackup - Barry Project’s backup program for the BlackBerry handheld
bart(1)bart - Berkeley Advanced Reconstruction Toolbox
base32(1)base32 - base32 encode/decode data and print to standard output
base58(1)base58 - Base58 encode or decode
base64(1)base64 - base64 encode/decode data and print to standard output
basename(1)basename - strip directory and suffix from filenames
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