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complex.h(0p)complex.h — complex arithmetic
cpio.h(0p)cpio.h — cpio archive values
ctype.h(0p)ctype.h — character types
c++filt(1)c++filt - demangle C++ and Java symbols
c-graph(1)c-graph - visualization tool for the convolution theorem
c1541(1)c1541 - a stand alone disk image maintenance program
c2050(1)c2050 - Ghostscript bitcymk to Lexmark 2050 Series protocol translator
c2dec(1)c2dec - codec2 testing framework
c2demo(1)c2demo - codec2 testing framework
c2enc(1)c2enc - codec2 testing framework
c2faxrecv(1)c2faxrecv - receive fax using hylafax to ISDN using CAPI
c2faxsend(1)c2faxsend - send fax using hylafax to ISDN using CAPI
c2hs(1)c2hs - C->Haskell Interface Generator
c2ph(1)c2ph, pstruct - Dump C structures as generated from "cc -g -S" stabs
c2sim(1)c2sim - codec2 testing framework
c3270(1)c3270 - curses-based IBM host access tool
c44(1)c44 - DjVuPhoto encode.
c6x-linux-gnu-gcov-dump(1)gcov-dump - offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool
c6x-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1)gcov-tool - offline gcda profile processing tool
c89(1)c89 - POSIX.2 C language compiler
c89-gcc(1)c89 - ANSI (1989) C compiler
c99(1)c99 - POSIX.1 draft C language compiler
c99-gcc(1)c99 - ANSI (1999) C compiler - parse and insert in certs to LDAP
cabal(1)cabal - a system for building and packaging Haskell libraries and programs
cabal-debian(1)cabal-debian - create Debian package meta data from a Haskell cabal file.
cabal-rpm(1)cabal-rpm - a RPM packaging tool for Haskell Cabal packages
cabextract(1)cabextract - program to extract files from Microsoft cabinet (.cab) archives
cableidx(1)cableidx - generate index files from gccxml xml files.
caca-config(1)caca-config - script to get information about the installed version of libcaca
cacafire(1)cacademo, cacafire - libcaca’s demonstration applications
cacaplay(1)cacaplay - play libcaca files
cacaserver(1)cacaserver - telnet server for libcaca
cacaview(1)cacaview - ASCII image browser
cache-clean(1)cache-clean - Administration tool for the A-REX cache.
cache-list(1)cache-list - List contents of the A-REX cache.
cache2gtiff(1)cache2gtiff - create geotiff from tile cache
cacheadm(1)cacheadm - administer and configure AtFS derived object cache
cachedel(1)cachedel - drop pagecache for a file
cachedir(1)cachedir - tag/untag/find cache directories
cachestats(1)cachestats - print cache statistics for a file
cad3d(1)cad3d - convert a Survex .3d file into formats which can be read by CAD and drawing packages
cadabra(1)cadabra - field-theory motivated computer algebra system
cadabra-server(1)cadabra-server - the server backend for running Cadabra2 notebooks
cadabra2(1)cadabra2 - field-theory motivated computer algebra system, 2.x series
cadabra2-gtk(1)cadabra2-gtk - gtk notebook front-end for cadabra2
cadabra2cadabra(1)cadabra2cadabra - convert Cadabra2 notebooks to text input files
cadabra2html(1)cadabra2html - convert Cadabra2 notebooks to standalone HTML files
cadabra2python(1)cadabra2python - convert Cadabra2 text input files to pure Python
cadaver(1)cadaver - A command-line WebDAV client for Unix.
cadical(1)cadical - manual page for cadical 1.2.1
cadubi(1)cadubi - Creative ASCII Drawing Utility By Ian
cadvisor(1)cAdvisor - analyze resource usage and performance characteristics of running containers
caf(1)caf - OpenCoarrays compiler wrapper to compile and link coarray Fortran source files and programs
cafeobj(1)cafeobj - algebraic specification and programming language
caff(1)caff -- CA - Fire and Forget
caffe(1)caffe - command line brew for Caffe
caffeinate(1)caffeinate - inhibit desktop idleness while a command runs
caffeine(1)caffeine - prevent desktop idleness in full-screen mode
caffeine-indicator(1)caffeine-indicator - manually inhibit desktop idleness with a toggle
cafrun(1)cafrun - Coarray Fortran executable launcher for OpenCoarrays
cain(1)cain - stochastic and deterministic simulations of chemical reactions
cairo-clock(1)cairo-clock - an analog clock drawn with vector-graphics
cairo-dock(1)cairo-dock - A dock to launch your programs easily.
cairosvg(1)cairosvg — SVG converter based on Cairo
cairosvg-py2(1)cairosvg-py2 — SVG converter based on Cairo
cairosvg-py3(1)cairosvg-py3 — SVG converter based on Cairo
caja(1)Caja - The MATE File Manager
caja-actions-config-tool(1)caja-actions-config-tool - configure programs to launch from the caja file manager
caja-actions-new(1)caja-actions-new - create new caja actions
caja-actions-print(1)caja-actions-print - print a menu or an action to stdout
caja-actions-run(1)caja-actions-run - execute an action on the specified target
caja-autorun-software(1)caja-autorun-software - Autorun Software in Caja
caja-connect-server(1)Caja-connect-server - Connect to Server dialog for Caja
caja-dropbox(1)dropbox - A command line interface to the Dropbox service
caja-file-management-properties(1)Caja-file-management-properties - Caja File Management Preferences
caja-sendto(1)caja-sendto - convenience application to send a file via email or instant messenger
cake(1)cake - CakePHP application shell.
cal(1)cal - display a calendar
cal3d_converter(1)cal3d_converter - convert cal3d files from / to binary and XML (version 0.11.0)
calamares(1)calamares - distribution-independent system installer
calamaris(1)calamaris - generate text and graphical statistics out of log files from Proxy-Cache-Servers
calc(1)calc - arbitrary precision calculator
calc-stats(1)calc-stats - a series of wrappers for performing basic statistic calculations on files or standard input containing numbers, using awk
calcappclient(1)calcappclient - RSerPool Client (PU) for the CalcApp service
calcoo(1)Calcoo - scientific calculator (GTK+).
calculator(1)calculator - simple desktop calculator
calculator-1.7(1)calculator - simple desktop calculator
calculator.1-devel(1)calculator - simple desktop calculator
calcurse(1)calcurse - terminal-based organizer for interactive and command line use
calc_tickadj(1)calc_tickadj - Calculates optimal value for tick given ntp drift file.
calendar(1)calendar - reminder service
calfjackhost(1)calfjackhost - JACK wrapper for Calf plugins
calibrate_lens_gui(1)calibrate_lens_gui - Lens distortion calibration by straight line feature identification
calibre(1)calibre - launch Calibre Graphical User Interface
calibre-debug(1)calibre-debug - run an embedded python interpreter for debug purposes
calibre-fontconfig(1)calibre-fontconfig - font configuration tool for calibre
calibre-parallel(1)calibre-parallel - parallel tool for calibre
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